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channelstv: NNPP supporters troop to the INEC premises in Kano for the issuance of the certificate of return to the governor-elect, Abba Kabir Yusuf, and his deputy

rbsw: NEW: Rahul Gandhi case German Foreign Ministry spokesperson comments for first time: - Takes note of verdict, suspension from parliament - Appeal will show whether verdict stands & suspension has basis - Expects standards of judicial independence & democratic principles to apply

Rich_Dawg1: As seen earlier today Protest on going in Port harcourt. Nigeria must be great! Arrested Subscribed Ndi Imo Na Whatsapp Verified Abba Kabir Yusuf Interim Intel Pedri Analog Millet Nigerians The DSS Agberos Chinedu

KwankwasoRM: Today in Kano, I received the Kano State Governor-Elect and the Deputy Governor-Elect, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf and Comrade Aminu Abdussalam, alongside the NNPP Kano State House of Assembly Members-Elect, as they presented their Certificates of Return to the Public. - RMK

KraysWurld: Edits from Mayor of Ekiti last game boom Guys are hiding this channel ALL GAMES ARE FREE

Miqdad_Jnr: Arch. Kabir Ibrahim Kebram will head the Agricultural Reform Committee of Dr. Dikko Radda's Strategic Policy Document.

Rich_Dawg1: GRV and Legal team of Lagos LP has also started their fight for Justice. The legal fire works will soon commence. - Arrested Foluke Daramola Agberos The DSS Sam Amadi Press Release Malik Governor Elect NDLEA Abba Kabir Yusuf Yahoo Diana Yoruba Ronu Verified Tariq Musiala Emeka

kabir_bhai_: Need unlimited ameen for something I'm praying for.

kabir_bhai_: So Many People are waiting for your Reply, Kintu Tomar toh Kichu Jaay Ashenah, Tumi toh Khali Taar sathe Kotha Bolte Chao je Tomake 2 Takao Daam De Na..

SRK_addictt: Remember one thing SRK haters You are born to see Shah Rukh Khan win everything! And then you will die watching him win it. SASTI RAAN KOHLI

iamsrkfan_brk: Kissing Stats SRK vs Kohli >> SRK - 3 Kohli - 1 Last Tweet for the trend and it should fact only. SASTI RAAN KOHLI

iSRKzYash: The midnight spaces of SRKins are bigger than bot driven fandoms here SASTI RAAN KOHLI

SRK_addictt: It's 2:15am howmany of you are still tweeting with SASTI RAAN KOHLI

Dua_zahra313: Show this to the world - Life under occupation in Palestine

Timesofgaza: Palestinian woman cries as the lsraeli occupation forces have demolished her sons’ business facility in Salfit, occupied West Bank.

BaytAlFann: 11/ Fin Garden (Persian: باغ فین Bagh-e Fin) Kashan, Iran Historical Persian garden. It contains Kashan's Fin Bath where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered by an assassin sent by King Nasereddin Shah in 1852. Completed in 1590 it is the oldest extant garden in Iran

iamkaran_101: All this 69 bullshit will amount to nothing and Kolly will trend ww no 1 so abhi bhi wakt hai aukat mai rehlo SASTI RAAN KOHLI

Danjauro_: Tamim Al-Dari reported that he heard the messenger of Allah ﷺ say “This matter (Islam) will certainly reach every place touched by night and day. Allah will not leave a house or residence….” (Ahmad)

raphousereloded: Judge Warns Nipsey Hussle’s Killer that Gangs will be after him and serving his Prison Sentence will Be Hard. He was sentenced to 60 Years life in Prison.

_dinomelaye: Thank you Engr Jankara

FootballFunnnys: 2 serial winners have come and gone and still trophy less. It’s the History of Tottenham.

adamugarba: The smartest Island in the world is the United Kingdom. Knowing that they are faced with a serious financial crisis, went for global best financial fixers; Indians. After selecting Rishi Sunak as the British PM, for the job, Scotland went to hire Humza Yousaf as its new leader.

YahyaBulamakyar: Dayo and Rukayat Studied Engineering at a University in kwara State. They were both Classmates and after Five years of Studying hard, they both graduated. After graduation, Fate took them through different paths of life.

channelstv: Nigerians Will Yearn For Buhari When He Leaves Office, Says Garba Shehu

SaharaReporters: APC Supporters Protest In Abuja, Call On Opposition To Accept Tinubu As ‘President-Elect’ | Sahara Reporters

ubasanius: Video excerpt of the congratulatory visit from my fellow contestants at the recently concluded gubernatorial elections in Kaduna State, as aired by AriseTV.

_dinomelaye: 1999-2007 obansajo got 25% in FCT 2007-2010 Yar'adua got 25% in FCT 2010-2015 Goodluck got 25% FCT 2015-2019 BUHARI got 25% in FCT 2015-2023 BUHARI got another 25% in FCT 2023% election BOLA TINUBU didn't get 25% in FCT. Judiciary can not create a President for us in Nigeria.

Waspapping_: Guys , come and patronize my hustle I sell original crocs N25k only

adamugarba: I agree with you. We have over 300 tribes. Oya Nigerian Tribes nwannem, stop being too stubborn you hear? Every little thing is gonna be alright. We are one BIG Nigerian family. We must love one another and let love lead our country together in greatness and peace. Say Ameen!

PresElectNgr_: The President Elect, send his heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the immediate family of the late General Oladipo Diya, especially his wife and children.

ShehuSani: African leaders and the African Union are asleep while thousands of our young people are dying in the Sahara Desert and The Mediterranean Sea everyday.There is no greener pastures in Europe;it’s here in Africa & it’s called Credible elections & good Governance.

IAOkowa: Earlier today, I inspected the Faculty of Agriculture buildings, lecture theatres, and residence halls of Dennis Osadebay University, Asaba.

KKSY_Reporters: H.E Kwankwaso, PhD, FNSE, held a meeting with all the member elects on the platform of the party in Maitama, Abuja. Those in attendance are Kano HE Abba Kabir Yusuf and his Deputy Comr Aminu Abdussalam Gwarzo, Senator-Elect, Sen. Kawu Sumaila and House of Reps Member Elects.

PoliceNG: PRESS RELEASE NPF REVIEWS 2023 ELECTORAL PROCESS AS IGP COMMENDS OFFICERS, COMMANDERS FOR PEACEFUL POLLS Assures Effective Collaboration with INEC for Expeditious, Transparent Prosecution of Electoral Offenders

__yellows: People that don’t know me still think I’m 23 sha.

SaharaReporters: Like Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerians Will Praise President Buhari When He Leaves Office – Garba Shehu Brags | Sahara Reporters

_dinomelaye: The malicious lie and propaganda going round that Atiku is retiring from politics and joining hand with Tinubu is a terrible lie from the pit of hell and should be disregarded. Light and darkness don't relate. Nigerians should be rest assured that Atiku is coming very soon.

AshaJaral: Everything will be possible if u will take refuge in God Kabir...Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has come on this earth in the form of God Kabir. ~What is the true aim of worship to know about this must read the spritual book GYAN GANGA.!!!!

Satkabirkirja: Holy Quran Proves that Allah is Kabir

pkpservantofgo1: Everyone should worship the true God Kabir for eternal peace and happiness. - Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

pkpservantofgo1: Supreme God Kabir is the destroyer of sins. He removes all the miseries of His true devotee. He is the creator of all the infinite universes. He id the ocean of happiness and peace. - Spiritual Leader Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

RockybhaiOffcl: Most Fav Character In Spy Universe! Kabir ❤️

HawaSin98492390: Supreme God Kabir is the giver of complete happiness and the enemy of sins. He is the giver of supreme peace. - Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

TOLOnews: Kabir said the Islamic Emirate does not oppose girls' education & hoped that the international community will take considerable steps "for Islamic Emirate's recognition." Arg said that Potzel thanked the Islamic Emirate for ensuring of security of UN agencies in the country. 2/2

rtaenglish1: Political Deputy PM Mawlawi Abdul Kabir met with some military generals of previous regime. In meeting, previous regime deputy chief of staff, corps & police commanders & national security officials said that all employees of previous regime are happy with general amnesty.

_ka_shish__: शब-ए-बारात मुबारक For more information visit the YouTube channel "Al Kabir Islamic" Allah Kabir

KawuGarba: Politicians go to court for reasons not necessarily to win. If Gawuna has a genuine case, then it's good to fight it. If doesn't, he can still go like how Abba Kabir Yusuf did in 2019.

LadiSin88327282: Kabir is god

gimbakakanda: In a country at mercy of ruthless bandits, you announced you would trek across three states to honor a politician’s victory, then went on to broadcast updates of such misadventure on your social media page. Some of us truly came to this planet with deficient tissues in our skull.

TheNationNews: PHOTOS: We will deliver red rail line before May 29, Sanwo-Olu’s assures Lagosians

LadiSin88327282: Kabir is god

SaharaReporters: Seven Governorship Candidates Reject Kaduna Election Results, Set To Take APC’s Uba Sani To Court | Sahara Reporters

LadiSin88327282: Kabir is god

LadiSin88327282: Kabir is god

LadiSin88327282: Kabir is god

LadiSin88327282: Kabir is god

NirmalaPanthi4: Kabir is God

Purusho10794616: Kabir is god

NirmalaPanthi4: Kabir is God

NirmalaPanthi4: Kabir is God

NirmalaPanthi4: Kabir is God

NirmalaPanthi4: Kabir is God

SatlokChannel: Once Dharamdas Ji and Supreme God Kabir Sahib had Conversation that can one change guru? to which God said Until one finds a true guru (Satguru), one must keep changing gurus. To know more read This Article explained by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

whitenigerian: Breaking News: INEC declares Yusuf Abba Kabir winner of the Kano State governorship election.

Troll_Fotballl: Vinicius: My dream is to score a hat-trick in El Clasico like my Idol CR7. Reporter: Did he score? Vinicius: No, It's also his Dream.

aonanuga1956: Congrats Aisha Binani for being Nigeria's first elected female state governor. We all love you for opening new frontier for all Nigerian women.

Ahmdlbr: I am against any woman becoming a Governor with every facet of my being.

AbdulAbmJ: Early visit to the incoming Governor of Kano state Engr Abba kabir Yusif. We have reclaimed kano. ALHAMDULILLAH

ShanthkumarSl: In an audacious attempt India performed its first ever total bilateral or double-arm transplant - a major achievement in the surgical history of India. This is a first person account of photojournalist SL Shanth Kumar narrated as he went through the journey of the patient.

channelstv: Kwankwaso Overtakes Ganduje In Kano As INEC Declares NNPP’s Kabir Gov-Elect

MikanoLeader: Atiku has appealed to INEC to announce the result because the state is in tension with a possible political crisis. PDP is the party that won the election. Plus or Minus PDP is still leading even with the altered result of the Fofure LG. For the sake of Peace in the state.

Abdulkuta: ALHAMDULILLAH... Hon Mohammed Umaru Bago...Niger State Governor-Elect. Thank you, Nigerlites!!!

yabaleftonline: INEC has declared NNPP Candidate Abba Kabir the Winner of Kano Governorship Poll.

Eka_nyin: Make everybody rest now. As much as I would have loved a female governor, the platform on which she ran and her religious insensitivity was the deal breaker for me. Fintiri is not doing badly in Adamawa. He deserves another term. Congratulations to him. Chude One Nigeria

hazfcb_: Real Madrid got a few wins thanks to Koeman and got loud… El Clasico is back to default settings now

SRKsCombatant: Sunil Shetty tells how SRK changed Mai Hoon Na climax

kevvwill: Christensen is one of the most quietly excellent players I have ever seen.

SatlokChannel: Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is the only Tatvdarshi Saint Who is giving true devotion of Supreme God Kabir Sahib according to the Scriptures. This Article will give brief description about Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj's life history.

chennaiipl07: South Superstar Nani said, "Rohit Sharma is my favorite player".

omarsuleiman504: The month of Quran is upon us, and I wanted to reshare a personal story about what it means to exert yourself with it in Ramadan. In 2006, I told my mom (may Allah have mercy on her) that my Shaykh challenged his students to elevate their Ramadan Quran goals and read…

imsmolguy: imagine if spotify got rid of Kabir Singh songs !?!

Hiskindustadha: Know that our religion comes before anything!!! Read that again!!!!!

the_scholar1: Congratulations to the next governor of kano state, Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf

kabir_yara: All thingswill come round to h t o yhdf IE R I Lim whothings are obedient t o yhdf IE R I Lto money

el_bonga: In this video, Abba Kabir Yusuf’s mother calls for peace/unity and urges Kanawa to shun violence. She also prays that whoever emerges the winner, may God help him all through his reign. No mention of my son or NNPP. She places Kano above every division/party. This is impressive.

SanthoshSahu11: Kabir is god.

Mr__Mohh_: Breaking: Abba Kabir Yusuf is leading here in Katsina state

flixbugofficial: Kabir Suman's newest masterpiece, recorded exclusively for 'Marriage Anniversary, coming up very soon on Flixbug. Here are some glimpses directly from the recording room with the voice of the maestro. The song will be released on Flixbug Music.

kabir_yara: All thingswill come round to h t o yhn IE R I Lim whothings are obedient t o yhn IE R I Lto money

jeffphilips1: Fulanis were about being extinguished from the face of this earth with profiling left, right and center on both social and traditional media that many of us genuinely feared for their lives and were shouting daily, where was your hypocritical self?

ba_L_A: I save every month ooo in case of rainy days. It’s just that when the new month reach 15-/16 like this, there’s always this heavy downpour!!

daarudedo444: list of guys i appreciate: pranav, pranav, prakhar, himanshu, sanskar, divyansh, yash, kabir, trap, safi, note how none of the names start with A

adamugarba: Adamawa may soon have a new female Governor-Elect, Her Excellency Distinguished Senator Aishatu Dahiru Ahmed Binani, Insha Allah.

channelstv: Gov Polls: EFCC Arrests ‘Over 65 Persons’ For Voter Inducement

B_ELRUFAI: Operation focus on the results of your state and geo-political zone before any other.

B_ELRUFAI: Politics is not for the faint hearted.

channelstv: We Won With Landslide But PDP Are Trying To Manipulate Results, Otti Alleges

the_scholar1: SLS with the next governor of kano state Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf InShaAllah. Vote for NNPP

god_lover_jatin: Supreme God Kabir is the Creator of all the universes. Atharvaved Kaand no.4 Anuvaak no.1 Mantra no. 7 In this Mantra, it has been made clear that the name of that God, who has done all the Creation, is Supreme God Kabir... - Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj

iamperezamuedo: I am delighted to share that I have recently co-authored an article with M. Kabir Hassan, which has been published in The Business Standard. The article delves into the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. Happy reading!

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