The Bride-soul Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When will that day dawn MotherA
When the One I took birth forB
Holds me to His heart with deathless loveC
I long for the bliss of divine unionD
I long to lose my body mind and soulE
And become one with my husbandF
When will that day dawn MotherA
Husband fulfil now the longing I have hadG
Since before the universe was madeH
Enter me completely and release meI
In terrible lonely years without YouJ
I yearn and yearn for YouJ
I spend sleepless nights hunting for YouJ
Gazing into darkness after YouJ
With unblinking hopeless eyesK
When will that day dawn MotherA
When will my Lord hold me to His heartL
My empty bed like a hungry tigressK
Devours me whenever I try to sleepM
Listen to your slave's prayerN
Come and put out this blaze of agonyI
That consumes my soul and bodyI
When will He hold me to His heartL
When will that day dawn MotherA
Kabir sings quot If I ever meet You my BelovedO
I'll cling to you so fiercely You melt into meI
I'll sing from inside You songs of unionD
World dissolving songs of Eternal Bliss quotO



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