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litcharts: New guide! Request to a Year by Judith Wright

thomassons_: Arcane 2005-02-16 Judith Wright Center Brisbane Australia 16 Feb 2005

dmejiacanales: Finally, the electorate of Wright is named after Judith Wright poet, environmentalist and campaigner for Aboriginal land rights. Well known for her campaigning in support of the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island.

TReese82: Happy what would b 107th B-Day to the late great Author Judith Wright!

CascadiaMC: Check out some archival material from the CU library! "This piece was originally published in Home! A Bioregional Reader, edited by Van Andruss, Christopher Plant, Judith Plant, and Eleanor Wright, New Society Publishers, copyright 1990." View here:

GDixon1977: 'I praise the scoring drought, the flying dust the drying creek, the furious animal, that they oppose us still; that we are ruined by the thing we kill'. Judith Wright. (from 'Australia 1970')

joannahicks: A new collection of writings from the Australian poet Judith Wright

SpottyBalfour: Hey Geraldine, Im sure Judith Wright was, sadly, never on the shortlist for the Nobel Prize for Lit. when it came to Oz turn, it was between AD Hope and the winner, Patrick White. But she resonates more than both today.

Medeajerdana: Sharing this marvelous photograph I have of Judith Anderson with Teresa Wright in 1947, on location during the shooting of Pursued! It's one of my favourite films, and this was a very special photo to find!

HildaLynch20: Just post what ever catches me , on the day .. ' Bullocky ' by Judith Wright.

chrissalis_: Good read on fraught practice of universities awarding honorary degrees. Section on controversies omits Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s UQ honorary doctorate in 1985 which prompted poet Judith Wright to hand hers back and raucous protest by 1000s at degree ceremony.

SelbyDC: SELBY WEST RESULT:Judith Chilvers (Cons) 678 votes/Carol Crutchley (Green) 350 votes/Melanie Davis (Labour) 1,031 votes/Chris Pearson (Cons) 659 votes, Steve Shaw-Wright (Labour) 938 votes. Melanie Davis and Steve Shaw-Wright elected as North Yorkshire County Cllrs for Selby West

EmMcCC: I studied Judith Wright and wrote on her many years ago, and interviewed those who knew her well. I think she would have enjoyed this poem, especially considering her work on colonisation such as ‘For New England’

AndyWrathall: Her first collection The Moving Image (1946), published when she was 31 years old, remains one of the landmark Australian literary works of the last century.

LydonJane: Judith Wright, an activist poet who was ahead of her time

mishaketch: Judith Wright, an activist poet who was ahead of her time

SpookyLib: Judith Wright, an activist poet who was ahead of her time

thetechtab: Judith Wright, an activist poet who was ahead of her time: Judith Wright is a giant of Australian letters. Though most famous as a poet, she

MENAFN: Judith Wright, An Activist Poet Who Was Ahead Of Her Time

DonELichterman: Judith Wright, An Activist Poet Who Was Ahead Of Her Time

CHASS_Aus: Judith Wright, an activist poet who was ahead of her time

ClearySimon: Some excellent images from last weekend’s showing of the concept design of the Topology-led adaptation of THE WAR ARTIST at the Judith Wright Centre. Overwhelmingly brilliant stuff.

hammadgaddi8: I learned to be with myself rather than avoiding myself with limiting habits; I started to be aware of my feelings more, rather than numb them. — Judith Wright

SpookyLib: Announcing the 2021 Judith Wright Poetry Prize and Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize winners

power_kate: Very excited to be speaking on career sustainability in the arts tomorrow arvo:

Judith_OxO: I think about this movie a lot. It lingers and has seeped into my subconscious in interesting ways. Last Night In Soho, directed by Edgar Wright, written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns.

ClearySimon: Thrilled to talk on stage with Topology’s Christa Powell, graphic designer Bruce Currie and vocalist Pearly Black (via Zoom) following a showing this afternoon of the concept design of THE WAR ARTIST at the Judith Wright Centre.

InsidEkoMedia: Judith “Judy” Wright Death, Obituary News - On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, Judith “Judy” Wright, 75, of Carthage, died at her residence in Carthage, more

Lismahago: Happy to see Mikee Sto Domingo on this shortlist, and Ursula Robinson-Shaw on the Judith Wright:

RicoCraig: Hell yeah, I love a shortlist that’s long. You just keep scrolling with this one.

OverlandJournal: We are proud to announce the 2021 Judith Wright Poetry Prize shortlist, which includes outstanding poets such as Ender Baskan, Christine Fontana, Jake Goetz, Maddie Godfrey, Gareth Morgan, Ursula Robinson-Shaw, Lillian Rupcic, Tais Rose Wae & Sophia Walsh!

BoycottUtah: It is Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Fellow citizens, 144 insurrectionists sit in Congress. This man was a traitor to the the United States of America. His name is Rep. Ron Wright, R-Texas. 203 days until the November 8, 2022 elections. Please RT and pass it on.

janeoxyz: National Library of Australia images plus the poetry of Armidale-born Judith Wright, new book out now. Did you know Judith was the eldest child of P. A. Wright, Deputy Chancellor of UNE, and the man after whom Wright College was named?

abcnews: Tyler Wright wins maiden Bells Beach crown

abcnews: Ewing knocks Wright out at Bells Beach as three Aussies reach the semis

Truwatta20: Judith Wright: Selected Writings

willkostakis: Shot in the dark, but does anybody know when the rooms were named at Writing NSW/NSW Writers Centre (like, was it always the Judith Wright Room?)

SatPaper: "[Editor] Georgina Arnott is proving to be one of Australia’s most astute and sensitive non-Indigenous critics of colonial historicising. She is a Judith Wright expert," writes John Kinsella, "and the introduction is keen, empathetic and contextualising."

raj65025523: drawing the twilight’s hood about her: that wise woman from the land past joy or grief.’ From ‘Cyclone and Aftermath’ in the collection The Two Fires (1955) by Australian poet Judith Wright.

SatPaper: This is an essential gathering and representative selection from the vast body of Judith Wright’s nonfiction. | John Kinsella

JudithShatin: Just uploaded Plain Song for piano and electronics fashioned from Charles Wright reading four of his marvelous poems: Plain Song, Lullaby, Shadow and Smoke, Tutta Gloria - apt especially now!

AroundTheRound: Second hand book haul + haunting poem by Judith Wright

SatPaper: It is compelling to read the chronological–thematic narratives [editor] Georgina Arnott has constructed. One of the most confronting aspects of reading Judith Wright’s early poetry criticism is the separation between politics and art. | John Kinsella

IdentifyingActs: The Moving Image "Here is the same clock that walked quietly", Judith Wright 1945

Dymphna: At Judith Wright Centre to hear Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert talking with Peter Greste for BWF 2022.

__erosgarcia: Alt text: Imágenes de libros. "Fully Automated Luxury Communism", de Aaron Bastani; "Full Surrogacy Now. Feminism Against Family", de Sophie Lewis; "The Force of Nonviolence", de Judith Butler; y "How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century", de Erik Olin Wright.

PrivateBoyle: I presume 'Broke Back Mountain' starring Heath Ledger in Judith Wright poem reworked into joke about 'Broke Back White Goods Mountain' in Lismore during flood;) Save ya back;) Here's a video where I demonstrate a 4.6 kilogram (<$100AUD). Please share:)

georgefwoods: I also bought Judith Wright's "Half a Lifetime" because "The Company of Lovers" is a favourite poem and I wanted to read the story behind her "irrelevant love affairs" during the second world war: "There seems no reason for saying no, when armageddon is in prospect"

Okoth_Donnex: As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others and the universe. -Judith Wright

osmondmcleod: My favourite from Judith Wright.

CCoastTheatre: The Babushka Book Club. Queensland Cabaret Festival. Little Match Productions. Judith Wright Arts Centre, Brisbane. Review by Beth Keehn.

STAGE_WHISPERS: The Babushka Book Club. Queensland Cabaret Festival. Little Match Productions. Judith Wright Arts Centre, Brisbane. Review by Beth Keehn.

Willow_Oswestry: Willow Gallery Open Today with our latest exhibitions: ‘Reflections’, Works by Margaret Charman, Textures in the Wild, A collaboration between Alison Holt & Jaci Hogan & Spring Exhibition, featuring work by Judith Harrison, Sara Piper Heap. Maggie Furmanek & Heulwen Wright.

tinymundo: Also trying to hide Barbara Young Some obsession he has had Tina said big breasted.... Brother Rauun Young Corvallis Oregon Calls self Magician Because of golf ball he changed name and Ron no longer there.... Frank Young Judith Wright Young 8 wives Elizabeth DC

CollinMcgavin: POEM OF THE DAY "METHO DRINKER" by Judith Wright. Poem here -

wetherby2019: An exquisite 60th anniversary collection of Judith Wright's 'Birds' with illustrations by Neville Cayley. There are 6 poems not included in past editions. This is a gift for my sister and husband who love birds and have created a beautiful environment for them

wetherby2019: My new book for tonight. Judith Wright was the first poet I loved, at 17. Still love and respect her.

URLawLibrary: Have an interest in law librarianship? The deadline to apply for the Summer 2022 Judith M. Wright Fellowship is March 21st!

BrisWritersFest: BWF invites you to join us for a special pre-festival event. Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert in conversation with Prof Peter Greste 6-8pm, Thursday 31st March The Judith Wright Centre Book your tickets by 28th March at

Gil_Ostini: sharing this (from 'The Moving Image') partly because it seemed apt but mostly because Judith Wright is a genius and the way she puts sentences together is some precious magic

Stepp1nRazor: (De este no he encontrado traducción) I would suggest, for the sake of the children, that it’s time you took over. - Judith Wright, “Eve to her daughters”

DrRimmer: The essays of Judith Wright: reserving the right to change her mind

samtwyfordmoore: Judith Wright guy in a Gwen Harwood world

PhillipAdams_1: LNL. A Shapirouette on Biden’s speech. Philippe Sands on the battle for Chagos. Georgina Arnott on Judith Wright.If I can stop sneezing after being drenched trying to get a taxi

hayduke75: Looking at Australian poet Judith Wright’s environmental advocacy, particularly for Aboriginal land rights

Strandjunker: Police officer Kim Potter just received 16 months and a $1,000 fine for the murder of Daunte Wright. In case anyone has forgotten, this is why Colin Kaepernick took a knee.

l78lancer: The cop who killed Daunte Wright got less than two years because she cried in court. This is why black people stay mad as FVCK at the criminal farcical system, but some folks still act like they don't understand why.

KaivanShroff: Regina Chu — the judge who just decided Daunte Wright’s life was only worth $1,000 — ran unopposed in 2016. Her term is up next year. Vote her out.

mmpadellan: Still pissed that the judge was shedding tears for Kim Potter instead of Daunte Wright.

ResisterForever: My heart goes out to the Wright family. I feel your pain. And there is no pain worse than feeling that your child’s life didn’t matter. In honor of my daughter, Lindsay. May 25, 1982 -February 14, 2021

Toby_Fitch: And of course thank you to the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and Neilma Gantner for their generous funding, not only for this anthology but for the ongoing health of the Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize, which continues to unearth some pretty special poets.

Toby_Fitch: Oh and I have an introductory essay in there about Judith Wright's legacy and the history of the prize.

Toby_Fitch: A book I've spent years putting together came out this month officially—Groundswell: The Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize for New & Emerging Poets 2007–2020. You can buy it here:

SeanSennett: Thrilled to be playing the QLD Cab Fest - For Honeyman St. March 25 Judith Wright Centre!

abcadelaide: Tyler Wright loses Pipeline semi-final as local Moana Jones Wong claims title

FBISeattle: Repeat Embezzler Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Nearly $300,000 from Her Employer: Judith Wright of Lynnwood, who worked as a contract accountant, has been sentenced to six months in prison and one year of home detention for embezzlement.

IntermezzoArts: Beautiful art for a Sunday. Judith and her Maidservant c.1615 by Artemisia Gentileschi; A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery 1766 by Joseph Wright; The Game of Chess 1555 by Sofonisba Anguissola; The Descent From The Cross c.1435 by Rogier van der Weyden

Bookerplays: There are some incisive articles by Australians living in the UK (including Cath Drake of The Verandah fame and Kaye Lee); a closer look at the work of two Australian stalwarts Gwen Harwood and Judith Wright, plus insights by British poet Moya Pacey, who lives and writes in…

KeepHandsWashed: From Judith Wright's "The Trains" and how shall mind be sober, since blood's red thread still binds us fast in history? (...) Racing on iron errands, the trains go by, (...) hurl their wild summoning cry, their animal cry…. the trains go north with guns

CeleryJaguar: This is the lovely mother of Jude Craig Wright the Wooroloo arsonist. Charmaine Judith Wright or as she calls herself now Charm Smith. A 46 year old woman who attacks a 13 year old boy. Psycho family...

PrivateBoyle: The Melbourne Lava Bubble in joke in Victoria of Jokovich and the Pacific volcano eruptions of Fukatani Volcano while White Mountain . Heath Ledger in Judith Wright poems of The Surfer. Hypermeaning; hypercausality in semiotics

Quad_Cities: Judith Ilene Wright

SonataNocturne: The current situation in Europe brings to mind Judith Wright's Poem: "Death marshalls up his armies round us now."

OverlandJournal: Final day to submit to our Judith Wright Poetry Prize and Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize. With $15,500 worth of prizes up for grabs, make sure you get your submissions in before midnight!

BlackIncBooks: This first-ever collection of Australian poet Judith Wright’s nonfiction is a compelling portrait of a prescient voice on modern Australia. Pre-order JUDITH WRIGHT: SELECTED WRITINGS edited by Georgina Arnott. Out 1 Mar.

evelynaraluen: A reminder that the Judith Wright Poetry Prize and the Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize are closing soon!!! Get on it kids:

WideAsleepNima: Wright's Judith Miller impression is impressive.

MSNBC: BREAKING: Former Minnesota Police Officer Kim Potter found guilty of manslaughter in death of Daunte Wright. More:

wetherby2019: My new books. May start Amanda Lohrey this afternoon. Judith Wright is a forever collection.

seventydys: spindrift in the sky Judith Wright, ‘Water’

Stepp1nRazor: Es un buen momento para presentaros a Judith Wight y su “Eve to her daughters”.

CCoastTheatre: Girl with the Flaxen Hair. Alex Raineri / Brisbane Music Festival. Judith Wright Arts Centre, Brisbane. Review by Beth Keehn.

STAGE_WHISPERS: Girl with the Flaxen Hair. Alex Raineri / Brisbane Music Festival. Judith Wright Arts Centre, Brisbane. Review by Beth Keehn.

LaGayDerive: (read Eve Scolds by Judith Wright, it's such a beautiful poem)

QueenievdZandt: So excited to announce my show, Create Your Own Adventure, is coming to Brisbane as part of the Qld Cab Fest! Tix are on sale now. I hope to see all the Brisvegas gang at Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts in February 2022! Get your tix here!

asauthors: ICYMI: Our December Member Spotlight features Ouyang Yu, who was recently announced as the winner of the Judith Wright Calanthe Award for a Poetry Collection at the 2021 Queensland Literary Awards for his collection Terminally Poetic!

MichaelBennet: Flew back to DC after a few days home in Colorado. Finished Native Son by Richard Wright on a recent flight. A look at growing up Black and poor in the early 20th century. Not enough has changed. Poverty is a policy choice. So we continue our work to lift people out of poverty.

wetherby2019: More about Judith Wright:

wetherby2019: I'd love to read Georgina Arnott's biography. Judith Wright was the first Australian poet I loved. She still is a wonderful role model for young women - brilliant, insightful, self-critical. Friday essay: Judith Wright in a new light

nemoloris: Judith Wright has giftwrapped a ballad of the Vietnam war for day seven of our poetry advent calendar.

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