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Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book The Edgefielders Authors: Judith Wright Favor
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Published Date: 2013-05-14
Categories: Family & Relationships
Unforgettable secrets, unexpected alliances and unlikely friendships grow in the wet soil of Oregon's Edgefield during the Great Depression. Suspense, cruelty, mismatched romance, faith and reconciliation take root among the paupers. Tender humor and spirited dialogue knit a diverse bunch of Edgefielders into a beloved community, making this tale a welcome addition to a market inundated with sad accounts of aging and poverty.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Tales of a Great Aunt Authors: Judith Wright
Publisher: University of New South Wales
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
"It is the 8th day of May and I am trying to record a few memories of my childhood..." 'This matter-of-fact and simple memoir - composed as a record for her family - contains the facts and colours of her life as she recalls them. Do yourself, and a great artist and political thinker, a favour.' - Diana Simmonds, The Bulletin.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book The Coral Battleground Authors: Judith Wright
Published Date: 2014
Categories: Nature
The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of Queensland: 2000 kilometres of spectacular coral reefs, sand cays and islands, Australias most precious marine possession. Teeming with life, it covers 350,000 square kilometres. In the late 1960s the Reef was threatened with limestone mining and oil drilling. A small group of dedicated conservationists in Queensland John B├╝sst, Judith Wright, Len Webb and others battled to save the Ellison Reef from coral-limestone mining and the Swain Reefs from oil exploration. The group later swelled to encompass scientists, trade unionists and politicians throughout Australia, and led in 1976 to the establishment of a guardian body: the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. That it still survives is a legacy of activists, artists, poets, ecologists and students. In 1967 they were branded as cranks; now they should be recognised as visionaries.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Transformed! Authors: Judith Wright, Bob Wright
Publisher: Turner
Published Date: 2012-12-18
Categories: Self-Help
Presents a six-phase plan for growth and transformation toward a feeling of satisfaction, and profiles individuals who have been successful at attaining deep fulfillment in life.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book The Generations of Men Authors: Judith Wright
Publisher: Editions Tom Thompson
Published Date: 1999-04
Categories: Science
'The Generations of Men' is the pioneering story of the ancestors of Australia's best-known poet, Judith Wright. The names, dates and events are factual and are based on diaries, letters and personal reminiscences. Wright has taken this factual material and with her poet's imagination turned it into a reconstruction of a past era; people, places and even moods. This is a beautifully written family history that documents not only the settling of Wright's own family into New South Wales' last century, but also the life of a nation, as Australia was colonized by 'generations of men' unsuited in many ways to the historical and geographical context of their new environment. For many years unavailable, Judith Wright's elegant chronicle is fascinating both as a historical document and a personal meditation.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Going on Talking Authors: Judith Wright
Published Date: 1992
Categories: Australian poetry
Collection of essays and talks presented by the well-known Australian poet and writer from 1972 to 1990, covering environmental issues as well as literature. Works of criticism by the author include TPreoccupations in Australian Poetry'.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Kings of the Dingoes Authors: Judith Wright
Published Date: 1958
Categories: Dingo
Summary: William, a pomeranian, and Benbow, a redsetter set out on a sixty mile journey through bush to join the family who have gone on vacation. On the way they help rescue an Australian terrier who has been kidnapped by Dirty Dick, the dingo and his mob.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book The Nature of Love Authors: Judith Wright
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Australia
A collection of stories from one of Australia's most acclaimed poets which deal with love and how it hurts to love and to be loved. Wright takes ordinary people, both black and white, and offsets their lives and loves with some extraordinary Australian settings.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Half a Lifetime Authors: Judith Wright
Published Date: 2000-04-01
Categories: Authors, Australian
Half a Lifetime is a passionate and honest autobiography by one of Australia's greatest living writers. In her steely, sensuous prose, Judith Wright recounts the vanished pastoral world she grew up in. She tells the story of her growth as woman and poet, as lover and mother. And she describes her emerging commitment to the environment, the rights of Aboriginal people and the possibility of leading a just and responsible life. This luminous book includes a number of Wright's best-loved poems and many evocative family photographs.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Collected Poems, 1942-1985 Authors: Judith Wright
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Australian poetry
This collection comprises the work of one of Australia's most respected poets from 1942 through to the present. The previous Collected Poems comprised Wright's work up to 1970. This collection is from 1970 to 1985. They are meditations on traditional themes of love, death and eternity.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book A Human Pattern Authors: Judith Wright, John Kinsella
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Published Date: 2010
Categories: Poetry
Judith Wright (1915-2000) is one of Australia's best loved, and essential, poets, devoted to place, responsive to landscape and to the violence done to the land and its inhabitants. As John Kinsella writes in his introduction, 'she looked inwards into Australia, and in doing so made the local...universal'. A Human Pattern, a selected poems she prepared after she had abandoned writing poetry in order to devote her time to fighting for Aboriginal rights and conservation, presents her best work from 1946 to her last collection, Phantom Dwelling (1986). Australia, alive with human and natural history, is vibrant in this selection. She is, John Kinsella writes, 'a poet of human contact with the land'. She speaks directly to our perennial concerns.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book The Equal Heart and Mind Authors: Judith Wright, Jack Philip McKinney
Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press
Published Date: 2004
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
The Equal Heart and Mind is an intimate portrait of poet Judith Wright and philosopher Jack McKinney. Set in Brisbane and at Mt Tamborine, where they lived for almost twenty years, these letters vividly recreate their intertwined lives and also paint an unforgettable picture of postwar Brisbane with its lively cabals of writers, artists and intellectuals.For decades, Judith Wright kept secret this cache of letters, giving them late in life to her daughter Meredith McKinney. Meredith and Patricia Clarke have edited the letters, interspersing them with poems, a selection of family album photographs and facsimiles of some of the handwritten and typescript letters. Meredith also contributes a special memoir of her parents, and the book concludes with Judith's moving account of Jack's death in 1966.These letters, poems and commentaries - along with the illustrations - together make an exquisite addition to the field of Australian literary biography.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Born of the Conquerors Authors: Judith Wright
Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
Published Date: 1991-01-01
Categories: History
Judith Wright is perhaps Australia's best known poet, and she has also published numerous essays, children's books and documentary histories. When her work for he Aboriginal Treaty Committee came to an end in 1985 with the publication of "We Call for a Treaty", Judith Wright along with other committee members, made a promise to do what she could to keep the issue of justice for Aboriginal people alive. In the interim she has continued her activities in conservation and environmental organisations. "Born of the Conquerors" is a further attempt to fulfil her promise to aboriginal people and a message to us all about our need to care for the land. This collection brings together for the first time twenty-one essays, previously published in a wide variety of journals and other publications. They range from the autobiographical to political comment to literary criticism, but Judith Wright's strong concerns for the survival of Aboriginal culture and the environment run through them all.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book Birds Authors: Judith Wright
Publisher: National Library Australia
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Birds
The poems are complemented by full-colour illustrations drawn from the National Library's Pictures Collection, featuring the work of artists such as John Lewin, Lionel Lindsay, Lilian Medland, William T. Cooper and Betty TempleWatts.

Judith Wright Books, Judith Wright poetry book With Love & Fury Authors: Judith Wright
Publisher: National Library Australia
Published Date: 2006-01-01
Categories: Poets, Australian
This wide range of letters reminds us of Judith Wright's deep engagement with life, her love of the world (and of friends), and the fine fury that led her to battle so courageously on the world's behalf.

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Shreeniwas Singh Yadav : I also want to say that she is the leading poet of Australia for real picture of downtrodden people.

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