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Viggo Henrik Fog Stuckenberg (17 September 1863 – 6 December 1905) was a Danish poet notable for his lyrical and emotional poems. His work varied from faithful representation of nature in his early career to Expressionism and Realism. He befriended Sophus Claussen, Johannes Jørgensen and J. P. Jacobsen.

Personal life

Stuckenberg was born in Vridsløselille where his father, Frederick Henry Stuckenberg (1832–1899), was a teacher at the state prison. His mother was Johanne Georgine Fog (1833–1895). There were three younger siblings, Borge, a painter, Tyge, and Else. In 1872, his father found employment in central Copenhagen, and the family moved to Nørrebro. Stuckenberg matriculated from the Von Westenske Institute in 1884. At the University of Copenhagen, he...
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Jhgoforth: artist born this day: albert gottschalk (3 july 1866 – 13 february 1906) was a danish painter. he had a close connection, personally and artistically, to the poets johannes jørgensen, viggo stuckenberg and sophus claussen.
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