Many a home wrecked
Emotions at war
Homes in turmoil
Legs on his heels
Bar a home of peace.

Traditionally he acquires you
with a smile
Religiously he makes you
his screen saver,
His heart beats for you
Then comes the metamorphosis.

She dresses like a masquerade
Her bedroom shines like shrine
Her breast sags,
Armpit grows like shrubs
Men moved by what they see.

She sleeps and snows
She lies like a lifeless log
He desires to acquire her love
But she rebukes him.

He longs for a conjugal bliss
You strictly gave him the
religious style,
Stylistically he begs for more
But ignorantly you ignore him
His hunger humiliated.

His eyes smile for a young
His heart dances to the rhythm
of her breast,
Her breast adored for a decade.

Home a market place
She rants like bees
Hearts hurt in pains
Marriage a conjugal misery
Then divorce set in.