Corsican Born, and an Emperor mighty indeed.
Who from obscurity came up to prominence,
who from French shores the attacks of armies repelled.
Who had at his disposal, Europe's resources.
Who to Saint Helena from French shores was expelled.
Of old Italian nobility he is seed.
Shortish in height, yet towering in ambition.
Military genius of the highest distinction,
whose military strategy is second to none save
Alexander.Whose courage is held in reverence.

Whose Cradle at infancy was kept in a Cave
from strong invading imperialist French forces.

He gave up an Empire so vast at Waterloo;
a threat to the memories of his victories past.
Mighty Napoleon, who at Austerlitz excelled,
you did on the beautiful older Josephine cast
your loving eyes, which were hypnotized with passion,
yet focused still on so lofty an ambition.
Not even your love for her would rival your love
for World conquest, for which you assiduously strove.