Who is Joseph Ogbonna

A Nigerian and proudly African. A former high school teacher and a historian....
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Joseph Ogbonna Poems

  • Good Morning Rose
    The morn is bright
    and fair,
    and so art thou. ...
  • Jesus Christ Our Saviour
    My Lord the good shepherd and fortress of hope.
    I gladly rest within thy Calvary's scope.
    Where ills, death, torment are never endemic
    in a world where strife is largely systemic. ...
  • Oh God
    God almighty of generations all,
    who did witness great empires rise and fall.
    We gladly wait for thy eternal reign,
    when saints martyred will beam with smiles unfeigned. ...
  • Bonaparte
    He that trod upon subservient Europe
    with the imperial guards' fighting prowess,
    did himself and his heartthrob the empress,
    entrench thrones jointly owned by their hookup. ...
  • Good Morning Rose
    The morn is bright
    and fair,
    and so art thou. ...
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