Who is Joseph Ogbonna

A Nigerian and proudly African. A former high school teacher and a historian....
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Joseph Ogbonna Poems

  • Take Me To Heaven Or Eden's Garden
    Take me to the crystal rivers that flow
    with calm pristine diamond torrents that glow.
    Take me to where all seasonless yields grow
    from the effortless hands of men who sow. ...
  • Another Garden Of Eden
    Take me to the land of crystal rivers,
    that glitter like a mirror for the gods.
    Take me to the height for altruistic lords,
    revered by the oppressed for being givers. ...
  • 25th December, 0ce
    Behold the Christ child is born this day,
    just as the prophets of old did say.
    In a manger on the cozy hay
    did his infant Lordship choose to stay. ...
  • Christ Is Born (the Paradoxical Christ)
    Christ is born this day with Bethlehem's poor.
    So unassuming, he enters our world
    with shepherds lowly coming to adore
    this infant Lord who will freedom herald. ...
  • Napoleon's Contention For Josephine
    On the plains of Europe I contend for an empire.
    On love's battlefields I have contended more for thee.
    A stare from your rolling eyeballs consumes me like fire,
    as I seek entrance to a world of just you and me. ...
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