Joseph Mayo Wristen Sky Poems

  • 1.
    a long caste fountain
    into the background sky
    singular in stature
    in winds breeze wave
  • 2.
    Cup of Words

    Crystal sphere sitting
    Before child like statue
  • 3.
    Old man rocking in his chair
    night taking from the day
    tomorrow's haze.
    This morning his life to bay.
  • 4.
    a mantel sphere clock

    a key opening another universe than the one we live in

  • 5.
    ocean wave moving across sail crape rays
    sun glimmering sea rail sunset, campfire
    beach street revolutionary figures, walk
    taken along the sand, somewhere between
Total 5 Sky Poems by Joseph Mayo Wristen

Top 10 most used topics by Joseph Mayo Wristen

World 8 Life 7 Love 7 I Love You 7 Night 6 Face 5 Sky 5 Sun 5 Light 4 Time 4

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