Joseph Mayo Wristen Love Poems

  • 1.
    a leaf falling through the air

    from the time it leaves
    the branch of the tree
  • 2.
    I am the Raven con
    of the world spirit
    of blood and mire;
    signal to the death,
  • 3.
    Encrypted binary files
    Plucked keyboards
    Words of genus written to be left in the hierarchy

  • 4.
    Cup of Words

    Crystal sphere sitting
    Before child like statue
  • 5.
    Your innocents
    filling the emptiness
    starving my heart.

  • 6.
    ocean wave moving across sail crape rays
    sun glimmering sea rail sunset, campfire
    beach street revolutionary figures, walk
    taken along the sand, somewhere between
  • 7.
    Winter of the Buddha.
    Words written in our
    fathers blood. Rise
    pagan lepers rise. The
Total 7 Love Poems by Joseph Mayo Wristen

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