Who is T. W. Rolleston

Thomas William Hazen Rolleston (1 May 1857 – 5 December 1920) was an Irish writer, literary figure and translator, known as a poet but publishing over a wide range of literary and political topics. He lived at various times in Killiney in County Dublin, Germany, London and County Wicklow; settling finally in 1908 in Hampstead, London, where he died. His Killiney home, called Secrora, subsequently became the home of tennis player Joshua Pim.

Early years

Rolleston was born in Glasshouse, Shinrone, County Offaly, the son of a judge. He was educated at St Columba's College, Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin.


After a time in Germany he founded the Dublin University Review in 1885; he published Poems and Ballads of Young Ireland (1888)...
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T. W. Rolleston Poems

  • The Grave Of Rury
    Clear as air, the western waters
    evermore their sweet, unchanging song
    Murmur in their stony channels
    round O'Conor's sepulchre in Cong....
  • In Praise Of May (ascribed To Fionn Mac Cumhaill.)
    May-day! delightful day!
    Bright colours play the value along.
    Now wakes at morning's slender ray
    Wild and gay the blackbird's song....
  • Cois Na Teineadh
    Where glows the Irish hearth with peat
    There lives a subtle spell-
    The faint blue smoke, the gentle heat,
    The moorland odours tell....
  • Clonmacnoise
    In a quiet water'd land, a land of roses,
    Stands Saint Kieran's city fair;
    And the warriors of Erin in their famous generations
    Slumber there....
  • The Dead At Clonmacnois
    From the Irish of Angus O'Gillan

    In a quiet water'd land, a land of roses,...
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Earth 4 White 4 Sleep 3 Water 3 Blue 3 Deep 3 Plain 3 Quiet 3 Time 2 City 2

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Comments about T. W. Rolleston

Synapticaxon: ambassadors of the fir bolg and tuath dé meeting before the battle of moytura. an illustration by stephen reid in t. w. rolleston's myths & legends of the celtic race, 1911
Edizblues: the tale of lohengrin, knight of the swan : after the drama of richard wagner : rolleston, t. w. (thomas william), 1857-1920
Fir_bolg: 'finn heard far off the first notes of the fairy harp', from the high deeds of finn (1910) by t. w. rolleston, illustration by stephen reid
Nathalienow: 3 of 5 stars to celtic myths and legends by t.w. rolleston
Fir_bolg: 'they all trooped out, lords and ladies, to view the wee man' from the high deeds of finn (1910) by t. w. rolleston, illustration by stephen reid
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