ocean wave moving across sail crape rays
sun glimmering sea rail sunset, campfire
beach street revolutionary figures, walk
taken along the sand, somewhere between
my lost words and your masters calling, a road
shadow left behind late night limo meditation

faces painted inside book store poster

the people visiting here taking their
walks along Coastal Boulevard

watching from a wooden patio bench
outside La Jolla's Contemporary
Museum of Art, writing my scratch
paper notes looking for a meaning behind
palm café smoke hidden fields of lavender,
and times masquerade ride to no where,

Stacciolis, plymouth pigmented
arrow vision, pointing due north, a
metal sculptured line separating the
Garden to an open view of the bay,
his blue sign dividing the horizon
into one expanding view of the world

Jordan incenses burning late into the next morning

country rides between Madison, and
Milwaukee, cemetery Detroit love, slab
parties in Spokane, Philadelphia streets,
clubs in Boston, and DC, face of a Shaman
painted in the sky above India tundra,
living in a Huntington Beach TV motel

I will remember the times I hitched hiked
across this country until owl flag cassette
dreams come and take away my memories

sitting here watching the Seagulls sorrowing over
cliff wake drifts, lifting their bodies to morning's
first haze line, a current edge catching their expanded
wings sending them back to ocean's waiting tide,
gliding them parallel to a white rip
stretched below the rocks, books written
on the road vested under Spanish gypsy
wine the different paths we each take to
find life's secret walkway, loves gated truth

people below the street view ledge
watching seal Pelicans resting
along the sheltered caves of the Cove

observing the different ways of Dao, ladder
shell rock steps weeded in salted words,
outlining the memories of those i've loved

Abbess of Bingin, Trois of France, John
Lenon, and Yoko Ono's songs of peace,
playing over the radio, crown pastel figurine
standing in the Museum's Garden, reminding
me of Grayson's, Blue Tree
painting hanging from my library wall

your intellectual kisses if there is one idea,
one message I could leave you with my love

it would be this, Webster stamp opinion
I have on Constructive Anarchism

Defined as an act of protest that disrupts
and/or terminates the social, economical, or
political illegalities institutionalized into our
society, by either government, business, and /
or by individuals, which jeopardize the safety
and welfare of humanity. Accomplished with
out the lost of life. A form of protest protected
universally by what ever means necessary.