Pour out your sorrows, my heart,
But let none discover where;
For my pride makes me forbear
My heart's sorrows to impart.

I love you, Verse, my friend true,
Because when in pieces torn
My heart's too burdened, you've borne
All my sorrows upon you.

For me you suffer and bear
Upon your amorous lap
Every anguish, every slap
That my painful love leaves there.

That I may love, in peace with all,
And do good works, as my goal,
You thrash your waves, rise and fall,
With whatever weighs my soul.

That I may cross with fierce stride,
Pure and without hate, this vale,
You drag yourself, hard and pale,
The loving friend at my side.

And so my life its way will wend
To the sky serene and pure,
While you my sorrows endure
And with divine patience tend.

Because I know this cruel habit
Of throwing myself on you
Upsets your harmony true
And tries your gentle spirit;

Because on your breast I've shed
All of my sorrows and torments,
And have whipped your quiet currents,
Which are here white and there red,

And then pale as death become,
At once roaring and attacking,
And then beneath the weight cracking
Of pain it can't overcome: -

Should I the advice have taken
Of a heart so misbegotten,
Would have me leave you forgotten
Who never me has forsaken?

Verse, there's a God, they aver
To whom the dying appealed;
Verse, as one our fates our sealed:
We are damned or saved together!