Ballad. A Weedling Wild, On Lonely Lea Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A weedling wild on lonely leaA
My evening rambles chanc'd to seeA
And much the weedling tempted meA
To crop its tender flowerB
Expos'd to wind and heavy rainC
Its head bow'd lowly on the plainC
And silently it seem'd in painC
Of life's endanger'd hourB
And wilt thou bid my bloom decayD
And crop my flower and me betrayD
And cast my injur'd sweets awayD
Its silence seemly sigh'dE
A moment's idol of thy mindF
And is a stranger so unkindF
To leave a shameful root behindF
Bereft of all its prideE
And so it seemly did complainC
And beating fell the heavy rainC
And low it droop'd upon the plainC
To fate resign'd to fallG
My heart did melt at its declineH
And Come said I thou gem divineH
My fate shall stand the storm with thineH
So took the root and allG

John Clare


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