Approach Of Winter Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Autumn day now fades awayA
The fields are wet and drearyB
The rude storm takes the flowers of MayA
And Nature seemeth wearyB
The partridge coveys shunning fateC
Hide in the bleaching stubbleD
And many a bird without its mateC
Mourns o'er its lonely troubleD
On hawthorns shine the crimson hawE
Where Spring brought may day blossomsF
Decay is Nature's cheerless lawE
Life's Winter in our bosomsF
The fields are brown and naked allG
The hedges still are greenH
But storms shall come at Autumn's fallG
And not a leaf be seenH
Yet happy love that warms the heartI
Through darkest storms severeJ
Keeps many a tender flower to startI
When Spring shall re appearJ
Affection's hope shall roses meetK
Like those of Summer bloomL
And joys and flowers shall be as sweetK
In seasons yet to comeM

John Clare


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