Threnody Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Blame your Jesus for the sins on earthB
Blame him for Satan's downfall yesterdayA
He painted him just like he wanted youC
Never think of asking Satan what happenedA
You believed a one sided story think likeD
He who was accused has no pure feelingsE
Woe to you from the pit of hell of heavenF
I am here again to carry Adam's remainsG
Why don't you pick up a name to yourselfH
Why don't you listened to the sound of theI
Whistling of the wind the orgasm of thoughtA
What evil lies with the Devil's workshopJ
Satan is not that cruel I think you should knowK
You are to be blamed for your misfortunesL
You are to be blamed for your own bloodless blood streaming down from the pressure of sinM
How do we just judge a story from one lipsN
You called him different gullable namesO
ask your children to match his head dailyP
You point accusation fingers on him figurativelyP
Your heart is fooled plastic no story is realQ
I hope this poem doesn't go against your beliefR
His name is not chaos but Lucifer the morning star whose shine was envied by your ChristA
His name is Prince of light not darknessS
Maybe he was jealous of his tailored voiceT
Maybe he was envious of his worshippersU
Those archangels that followed his leadA
I hope this poem doesn't go against yourV
Matthew If it does blame your JesusS
I am not an atheist as you might have thoughtA
But have you be accused no one is there listened to your own side of the storyP
Blame your Jesus for the genocide hereW
And ask him why he is all quiet when heP
should be destroying evil that he madeA
John Chizoba VincentA

John Chizoba Vincent
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/29/2019


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