I suddenly realized it’s time to be indoors, oh my what made me forget, was it the drink or the enjoyment of company making me forget my worries.

Suddenly I see everyone rushing. My way home is a little bit of a walk and all means of transportation has ceased.

White uniformed men have lined the streets as if in the anticipated arrival of a man of high state.

Finally I decide to take the walk fearing that I may be accosted to sleep in boardings other than my home.

Halt, Stop! who goes there, the sound of authority. Pray may he be understanding to the pleadings of a common man who’s been working late. The hours have shortened and the pay has little’d so one has the stretch to the minute for the extra shilling.

Dear sir please accost me home for the little distance i have remained in exchange for your valuable time, the little i have. For I’d rather be penniless and sleep in the comforting midst of my waiting family, them knowing i have reached safely.