Jared Carter Wind Poems

  • 1.
    This must be how it happens: that the sun
    Enlarges the boles, that they become heavy
    And bend on their stalks, hanging singly
    Or in pairs, in the dry wind, almost done
  • 2.
    Along the tightrope stretched across the falls,
    above the torrents hammering the rocks,
    she keeps her balance with a parasol

  • 3.
    There, where the pool of mortal light begins
    to gather, where the rivulet breaks free
    to make a fire, a flame blows in the wind.

  • 4.
    Vous n'etes que les masques sur des faces masquees

    Start, then, with a sense of beginning, of sleep
  • 5.
    When you drive at dusk, alone,
    After the corn is harvested, the wind
    Scatters bits of dry husk along the road.
    A farmer has draped a groundhog's carcass
  • 6.
    Somewhere within the murmuring of things
    that make no difference-aimlessly playing,
    drifting in the wind-a loose door swings,

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