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  • Spirea
    Then she came, the sybil, out through the doors
    of The Bell, the single drinking establishment
    permitted in that narrow little country town-
    she came out neither staggering nor collapsing...
  • A Christmas Morning
    One of my father's oldest stories:
    how when he was a boy growing up
    in that town, there were no ponies.
    Buggies were gone almost as soon...
  • Scoring
    Philip Larkin, 1922-1985

    Poets, Larkin, some of us became
    for no more reason than a face...
  • Roadside Crosses
    This is a state where nothing marks the spot
    officially. They crop up now and then
    out on the Freeway, or in rustic plots
    sometimes, near S-curves in the country, when...
  • Poppies
    This must be how it happens: that the sun
    Enlarges the boles, that they become heavy
    And bend on their stalks, hanging singly
    Or in pairs, in the dry wind, almost done...
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Aabraha00422511: same w flynn, stone, manafort, carter, jones, papadopoulos, and all who still haven’t been inside the courtroom - but they will soon! millersx2, greene, bobo, johnson, meadows, boris, ken, ginnie, ali, biggs, hawley, cruz, prince, gaetz, eastman, clark, rudy, all trumps, jared…
Datchadguy1: jared mccann has 34 goals this year. jeff carter has 28 goals in his last 135 games as a penguin. mccann's 34 goals would lead the penguins. "he wasn't doing that here" in his last season here he was 4th on the team in goals. he was a young good player.
Sellishockey: jared crespo makes it 2-0 for penn state after taking carter schade's feed. just under five minutes done in the second.
Clemson_addict: top acc players next szn 1. drake maye 2. jeremiah trotter 3. will shipley 4. jordan travis 5. barrett carter 6. tyler davis 7. jared verse 8. antonio williams 9. johnny wilson 10. chico bennett 11. zion nelson 12. trey benson 13. andrew makuba 14. oronde gadsden 15. phil mafah
Jared_mack7: oregon looks for new lineup to continue to 'click' against northwestern state
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There came a companion to her,
But, alas, he was no help,
For his name was heart's pain. .


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