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  • 1.
    Then she came, the sybil, out through the doors
    of The Bell, the single drinking establishment
    permitted in that narrow little country town-
    she came out neither staggering nor collapsing
  • 2.
    One of my father's oldest stories:
    how when he was a boy growing up
    in that town, there were no ponies.
    Buggies were gone almost as soon
  • 3.
    There is a grace in the way people do things, even the simplest tasks-
    the dance with which their fingers encircle the chicken's gaze, coaxing
    the edges of its eyes into paleness, their calling upon it to rest now,
    their speaking in a way that acknowledges something common to both of them-
  • 4.
    Now this here rag is the one they used to call
    the lost rag.

    Sort of thing everybody knew and nobody ever bothered
  • 5.
    It takes a long, smooth stroke practiced carefully
    over many years and made with one steady motion.

    You do not really cut glass, you score its length
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