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BigBlueCentral: Brandon Stockton, Jared Carter, Twany Beckham, Ramon Harris.

TodayinLDSHist: 180 years ago today - Mar 27 1843 Joseph Smith dictates a letter to Sidney Rigdon "showing that [Joseph] believed said Rigdon was concerned [connected] with J[ohn] C. Bennet[t], Geo[rge] W. Robinson, and Jared Carter." Joseph states in the letter:."I now…

centrewingdman: The Leafs and Dubas get a lot of shit for letting Jared McCann go unprotected but the Penguins traded him to the Leafs for nothing and chose to protect Carter and Blueger instead.. figure that one out

aabraha00422511: Same w Flynn, Stone, Manafort, Carter, Jones, Papadopoulos, and ALL who still haven’t been inside the courtroom - BUT THEY WILL SOON! Millersx2, Greene, Bobo, Johnson, Meadows, Boris, Ken, Ginnie, Ali, Biggs, Hawley, Cruz, Prince, Gaetz, Eastman, Clark, Rudy, all Trumps, Jared…

DatChadGuy1: Jared McCann has 34 goals this year. Jeff Carter has 28 goals in his last 135 games as a Penguin. McCann's 34 goals would lead the Penguins. "he wasn't doing that here" In his last season here he was 4th on the team in goals. He was a young good player.

SEllisHockey: Jared Crespo makes it 2-0 for Penn State after taking Carter Schade's feed. Just under five minutes done in the second.

Clemson_Addict: Top ACC Players next Szn 1. Drake Maye 2. Jeremiah Trotter 3. Will Shipley 4. Jordan Travis 5. Barrett Carter 6. Tyler Davis 7. Jared Verse 8. Antonio Williams 9. Johnny Wilson 10. Chico Bennett 11. Zion Nelson 12. Trey Benson 13. Andrew Makuba 14. Oronde Gadsden 15. Phil Mafah

Jared_Mack7: Oregon looks for new lineup to continue to 'click' against Northwestern State

NCAAFantasyHoop: Notable recent transfer portal names: Jared Bynum, Providence - 10.0 ppg Chico Carter, South Carolina - 9.8 ppg Bijan Cortes, Oklahoma - 3.2 ppg Xavier DuSell, Wyoming - 8.0 ppg Denver Jones, Fla Intl - 20.1 ppg

fghbvchj: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

tear_12345: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

Jared_Mack7: WSU adds two more runs on a fielders choice coupled with an error on Carter Garate, lead 4-1. Still no livestream so it's hard to tell what happened. However, good for WSU bad for Oregon.

BShulkes: Listen I think the Lions should trade up to 3 and take a QB, but Jared Goff +65% for 4400+ yards and 29 TDs to 7 INTs. He wasn’t some bum, he did really well in that offense. He was 6th in EPA. If they take Jalen Carter I’ll understand. They can compete NOW with a piece like that

heartsnark: This story sounds like exactly the sort of low down dirty deal Jared Kushner would try to engineer, but he'd be so incompetent, the Iranians would have just said "We get it already; just shuddup and go away. We'll work it out with the Israelis."

mmpadellan: If ANYONE had a legit right to be pissed about an election being stolen, it was President Carter. Republicans told Iran NOT to release the hostages, that Reagan would win and give them a better deal. This news should have been revealed long before now,

JeffSharlet: My god, read this and weep for the country we might live in now, what world we might live in, if this fool had come clean 43 years ago, if the hostages had been freed (imagine bargaining to keep them imprisoned), if Carter had won?

PamKeithFL: Do NOT EVER talk to me about Reagan being a GOOD Republican. He was a lousy human being. I said it. Carter never ever would have done something like that.

karrenabalos: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

Jared_Mack7: Big changes today: - Nishida back to leadoff, playing right - Carter Garate gets his first career start at short - Grant moves back to second - Colby Shade moves up to 5th and Smith drops back to cleanup - No Diodati against a righty

KYKernelSports: Starting lineup for Providence: -Jared Bynum -Noah Locke -Devin Carter -Ed Croswell -Bryce Hopkins

markcstory: Kentucky starters: Chris Livingston, Jacob Toppin, Oscar Tshiebwe, Antonio Reeves, Cason Wallace Providence starters: Bryce Hopkins, Ed Croswell, Devin Carter, Noah Locke, Jared Bynum

Legends_HSBB: ALL-STAR SELECTION RECAP: Captains: TJ Holmes Donovan Mayo Starters: Antoine Killinsway Henry Donovan Jr Stromile Swift Jason Avery-Kupp Jalen Carter Job Creed Edmund Beatty Xavier King Bench: D’Anthony Robinson Benedict Lederman Thomas Ederson Jared McQueen Joe Brooks

Jared_Mack7: Carter Garate RBI single. That's the first RBI of his Oregon career. Ducks now trail 6-1.

spongeharold: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

NURHAFIZAHRAHMI: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

CANTBESTOPPED36: Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson both exist…. So does Cris Carter…. And Jared Allen And a few more

EdKrassen: BREAKING: In under 5 minutes, Congressman Jared Moskowitz just completely tore a hole in just about every Republican talking point known to man, including the Hunter Biden allegations, and more. He showed that Trump was literally working with Twitter to remove tweets. He also…

juliosantamar19: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

DailyLoud: Mississippi man Rasheem Carter was found dead and body dismembered after a group of white men in trucks were chasing him in Laurel, Mississippi. Police told Mr Carter's family his body was likely torn apart by animals and their was no “foul play”

podslikeus: Has anyone got any questions for Jared Carter, the creator of the superb Desert Skies?

Joellezcano2: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

aniqazhari7: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

andreagalang_: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

MOstrowski_: Just a reminder that a mid-30s Jeff Carter on his last legs got protected over a mid-20s Jared McCann who was improving every year and now has 33 goals. The Bottom Six being this inept in a year with healthy Sid, Geno, etc. is unacceptable.

LetsGoDU: I know they were playing a Miami team ready for their season to end but Denver was missing Massimo Rizzo, Jared Wright, McKade Webster, and Sean Behrens and they still had seven (7) different goal-scorers tonight…and none of them were Carter Mazur. This team is SO DEEP.

LATimesklein: Rams waived TEs Roger Carter and Jared Pinkney, WRs J.J. Koski, Jaquarii Roberson and Jerreth Sterns, DE Brayden Thomas and DB T.J Carter, team announced.

Jared_Mack7: Defensive replacements: Rikuu Nishida is now playing right field, a first. Gavin Grant moves to second and Carter Garate is at short.

RamsNFL: LA Rams Transactions: • Waived, No Recall TE Roger Carter, DB T.J. Carter, WR J.J. Koski, TE Jared Pinkney, WR Jaquarii Roberson, WR Jerreth Sterns, DE Brayden Thomas

mclightqueer: I’m sitting here with Jeff rn and my god are we excited because…… ITS MF GAMEDAYYY SPARTS‼️‼️ I got sparts 57-50, and Jared will have a massive dunk along with carter mick going off, lmk what y’all burners are thinking??

quotesandheart: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

HemmosStarlight: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

Hogville: Dylan Carter with a 1-2-3 top of the 8th to keep Army's lead over Arkansas at 5-4. Jared Wegner, Brady Slavens and Jace Bohrofen due up for the Razorbacks against Dom Trippi.

ChoateMason: FINAL: Arkansas 7, Army 5 Kendall Diggs and Jared Wegner both hit three-run homers 400+ feet to help the Hogs get the win over Army on Tuesday. Dylan Carter gets the win after throwing three innings to close it out.

andrew_joseph23: VIDEO: Hear from Dave Van Horn, Kendall Diggs, Jared Wegner and Dylan Carter after Arkansas' midweek win against Army

shock_5146: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

GonzalezPaola__: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

Jared_Mack7: Carter Garate with a bunt base hit in his first career at-bat.

Overmayor: Best Voice Ensemble Nominee: THE SEA BEAST! The Sea Beast has Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Jim Carter, Xana Tang, and Helen Sadler among its cast.

BenX6912: Still insane to me that the Penguins decided to protect 36 year old Jeff Carter and Teddy Blueger over Jared McCann.

no_uh22: i’m really glad the penguins have 38 year old jeff carter instead of Jared Mccann. that’s really cool

pellicciottaest: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

BigSaveEh: Now, just imagine this team but with Jared McCann instead of Jeff Carter. God damn.

JReymos: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

therealNFLguru: Latest NFL News w/ a Fantasy Football twist (as needed) 03:40: Jalen Carter 09:30: Bears No. 1 pick 13:50: Bijan Robinson 19:00: Bills 23:00: James Cook 31:50: Keeper Strategy 35:50: Daniel Jones 43:00: Jared Goff 53:50: TE Market 55:50: Derek

FFfaceoff: Latest NFL News w/ a Fantasy Football twist (as needed) 03:40: Jalen Carter 09:30: Bears No. 1 pick 13:50: Bijan Robinson 23:00: James Cook 35:50: Daniel Jones 43:00: Jared Goff 53:50: TE Market 58:20: Joe Mixon

GPCRyanG: On Saturday against Oklahoma State, Jerome Tang says that Desi Sills was waiting at the scorers table to check in and replace Cam Carter. Carter drilled a 3-pointer and Sills immediately walked back to the bench because Carter had the hot hand. Speaks volumes to his selflessness.

TDavid_SDT: WRV (6-17) starters: Max Hostetter, Kobe Morehouse, Dylan Strauser, Jared Franklin and Tristan Crutchfield Dugger Union (8-12) starting 5: Carter Hall, Ryley Cobb, Konnar Henico, Tracen Wright and Andy Colvin Anthem, lineups and tip in about 10 minutes …

KevinMcNamara33: Devin Carter on Colby Jones, Jared Bynum with tough draw - Souley Boum

realidaddelavi2: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

rubymediana05: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

andrew_joseph23: VIDEO: Hear from Dave Van Horn, Kendall Diggs, Jared Wegner, and Dylan Carter after the Razorbacks' walk-off win against Illinois State

JaMarrJungle: oh no jalen carter what are you doing! you’re gonna fall to cincinnati at pick 28!

HunterHodies: It's truly impressive how this GM has ravaged the bottom six over the last couple of seasons. Gone are the likes of Jared McCann, Brandon Tanev, Evan Rodrigues, and Freddy Gaudreau. He then replaced them with Jeff Carter, Brock McGinn, and now...Mikael Granlund. WOOF!

yourdailysauce1: Sorare picks for this week. JB, Josh Hart, and Wendell Carter carrying right now, and Chris Paul has been traded for Jared Allen. I do hope he balls out today to make me regret it, but I doubt that he will.

mm_andymac: Devin Carter(6-3, 195-S. Carolina transfer)(15PPG-5 REB-team leader in steals and blocks-may be BE Defensive POY?). Guards are GREAT. Muskie killer Jared Bynum who sank XU twice last season and almost beat them at the OT buzzer Feb 1st at Cintas(12 PPG) and Florida transfer Noah

BradleyMitche11: Carter Den(n)is Jared Jefferson

doug_clawson: The No. 1 overall pick has been traded 12 times in the common draft era (since 1967), before/during/after draft Jared Goff Eli Manning Michael Vick Orlando Pace Ki-Jana Carter Russell Maryland Jeff George Irving Fryar John Elway Earl Campbell Steve Bartkowski Bubba Smith


dcexaminer: “Jimmy Carter showed us that you can go from a no-name to president in the span of 18 or 24 months,” said Jared Leopold, a top aide in Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s unsuccessful bid for Democrats’ 2020 nomination.

RoninEternales: Jared Kushner accomplished more in the Middle East than Obama, Clinton, Bushes, Carter, Nixon combined

PenguinsEnjoyer: Jared McCann to Toronto for Filip Hallander so that I could protect Kasperi Kapanen and Jeff Carter in the expansion draft

Matthew_Sean96: Some of the biggest mistakes Ron Hextall made earlier on in his tenure is trading Jared McCann, protecting Jeff Carter, and exposing Brandon Tanev in the Seattle expansion draft.

lilcrozB: I'd like to take this time to reiterate that we protected Carter and Kappy over Jared.

phpatriotsbsbl: Our strong class of ‘24 is ready to take home the program’s 4th consecutive League Championship. Jack Giordano (USD), Carter Lockwood, Eddy Gomez, Zach Morales, Jared Wangler & Talin Gardini will be anchors in the middle of our lineup this season.

Matthew49200183: Oh no! How couldn't be? So they regularly agreed your Church or Mass at a nearby Parrish? And you look to them for Christian advice and example? Ask Jimmy Carter's Moma when you get the chance, probably be a quick pass direction and all. Hummm.

ZachLogsdon: I’d have the Big 12 Baylor - Jared Butler Iowa State - Monte Morris Kansas - Frank Mason KState - Michael Beasley Oklahoma - Buddy Hield OkState - Cade Cunningham TCU - Mike Miles Texas - Kevin Durant Tech - Jarrett Culver WVU - Jevon Carter

NeoshoBBall: Gameday and Senior Night vs Carthage! Come celebrate Carter Baslee, Michael Day, Carter Fenske, Brock Franklin, Isaiah Green, Jared Siler, and Kael Smith! Freshmen start at 4:30pm with Senior night recognition before the varsity game. Livestream:

NFLRookieWatxh: A couple months ago, ESPN’s Todd McShay claimed Jalen Carter had “character issues” that could affect his stock. Yesterday, it was revealed that this past season, Carter paid for his teammate Weston Wallace’s meals with his own scholarship money. Wallace is a walk-on so he…

ByScottCullen: NHL props for Monday: Over 0.5 Goals Sidney Crosby +155 Over 3.5 Shots on Goal Carter Verhaeghe -120 Over 2.5 Shots on Goal Jake DeBrusk -105 Over 0.5 Points Charlie McAvoy -124 Jared McCann -120 Matty Beniers -115 Filip Chytil -110 Props Record: 376-414, +24.45u

ai_jared: Awaiting your fawning hagiography of Trilateral Commission member Jimmy Carter

casher1996: FanDuel not working for me but luckily I saved the lineup in my notes beforehand! Might update before 7pm games. C: Mikael Backlund C: Jeff Carter W: Jared McCann W: Jordan Eberle D: Kris Letang D: Jeff Petry U: Nazem Kadri U: Matty Beniers G: Tristan Jarry Good luck!

bjomanson: AmLit from MonBks: (1 of 3) *The Land Itself* by Jared Carter. Photographs & poems by Carter. He is a winner of the Poet's Prize & the Walt Whitman Award.

BTN_Network_PR: Zbigniew Brzezinski was Jimmy Carter's handler and a murderous piece of shit. That is all.

Jared_MSC: Cam Carter could be so good if he would finish around the basket

alec_busse: Kansas State maintaining a three point lead despite this ugly, ugly stretch of offense that was just continued by Cam Carter forcing a tough, contested two in the paint. K-State 49, Iowa State 46 3:37 2H

liesandperfidy: a good way to understand American foreign policy is that Jimmy Carter, probably the most decent and compassionate person to ever be President of the United States, started the policy of US support for the military dictatorship of El Salvador

Raymirez24: Penguins could still have Jared McCann but no they kept Jeff Carter who is mentally retired on the ice

TheRickyDavila: In a world full of Agolf Twitlers and every GQP Republican fascist greedy racist scumbag criminal, always be as compassionate, kind, selfless, loving, intelligent and humble as President Jimmy Carter. Praying for him and his family as he enters into hospice care.

DrewSav: Jimmy Carter is the first President to have been born in a hospital.

nick_field90: Joe Biden was the first sitting Senator to endorse Jimmy Carter in 1976 and Carter lived to see Biden become President 44 years later

Jared_Mack7: Carter Hendrickson turns on a fastball from Mercado and sends one over the left field fence. We're all tied up at one.

hiimbobbi: 2023 Best Score nominee Carter Burwell is the musical genius behind the score of Best Picture nominee, Banshees of Inisherin. But did you know he also is the musical genius behind the score of A Goofy Movie? Now you do.

Curtis_Crabtree: Jared McCann steals the puck in defensive zone and scores a shorthanded goal high glove side on Carter Hart to give the Kraken a 1-0 lead.

Benton_Mike: Jared McCann, shorthanded goal, glove side on Carter Hart. First shot. Crowd noise, present.

GoalNHL: SEA: SH Goal Jared McCann (26) assists: none Goalie Carter Hart (SEA 1, PHI 0 - 03:01 1st)

Jays_247: Creighton Starters (17-8, 11-3 Big East): 2 Ryan Nembhard 23 Trey Alexander 55 Baylor Scheierman 24 Arthur Kaluma 11 Ryan Kalkbrenner Providence Starters (18-7, 10-4 Big East): 10 Noah Locke 22 Devin Carter 23 Bryce Hopkins 4 Jared Bynum 5 Ed Croswell

PCFriarsmbb: Friars up 1, 11:41 remaining in the 1st half Providence - 18 Creighton - 17 Devin Carter is up to 10 points Jared Bynum adds 4 points

williamgibbard: Here’s another both side’s story.Jimmy Carter built homes for homeless while Trump and Jared feathered their own nests with the Saudis. The same…

curiouser1920: I have I ever mentioned how much I respect and admire President Carter? I’m going to mention it again.

grillo_jared: Big Saturday playlist 1.) Somethings Gotta Give - All Time Low 2.) Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand 3.) Around the World - RHCP 4.) Mr. Carter - Lil Wayne JayZ 5.) Noots - Sum 41

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