Gazing on rapid's mighty sea,
Struggling fiercely to be free,
But drawn downward in its course
By gravitation's wonderous force,
O'er those perpendicular walls,
Hurled 'mong mighty rocks it falls,
Causing the earth tothrob and shake
Like to the termor of earthquake ;
Thus the world's greatest wonder
Reverberates likes peals of thunder.
Reshrined with mist and beauteous glow
Of varied tints of the rainbow,
Most glorious sight the human eye
Hath ever seen, beneath the sky ;
Along these banks none ever trod
But did feel grateful to his God
For lavishing, with bounteous green ;
Plunged by whirlpool's dread commotion,
It becomes a seething ocean
Where furies join in surging dance
From centre to circumstance.
This is the favourite abode
Of Neptune, mightiest sea god-
He hat hdecreed none shall survive
Who will into this vortex dive.

Webb swam the English channel brave,
Like sea bird he did love to lave
His breast upon the mightiest wave,
Alas ! Found here a watery grave.
Torrent onward rushes, frantic
On its course to the Atlantic,
But on its way doth gently flow
Through blue Lake Ontario ;

Rejoicing on its way it smiles,
Kissing the shores of thousand isles,
Mingling with St. Lawrence motion
It soon is blended with the ocean.