Behind my smiles, I see the pain, sorrows, weakness, fears, anger that lies within,
I'm good and pure, but I became a beast,
Not out of choice but due to the experiences of life,
I'm an encyclopedia of mistakes,
They made me who I am today,
I've got a mouth willing to speak,
But no ear willing to listen,
The burden I carry is more than a cross,
It's an Ankh, it feels like the hulk within,
Yet in my rage, I'm a dove at heart,
My anger swims in my river of calmness,
I scream at the top of my voice,
I scream so loud that my lungs fails me,
I scream for help but I can see only deaf ears and blind eyes,
So I wallow in my misery,
Fighting my battles as a lion,
For the war within is my greatest war,
A war against myself, fears, anxieties, traumas, doubts,
It's been the longest walk of my life,
The tunnel seems endless,
Though I see the light at the end,
All dogs on the road are barking,
But I throw no stone,
I keep my eyes on the goal,
I keep running knowing I'll have a lot of time to rest when I reach the end,
Then, all my frenemies would gather to feed their ego,
My family and friends would be heart broken,
As time goes on, they'll heal,
And I'll be like a gone season,
Lost and forgotten,
Only to be remembered in the hearts of few,
For at the end, our journey always ends.