How can a mother suffer so much destruction from her kids?
She weeps and screams for help,
But all she gets is silence and more destruction,
She's the source of life for her kids,
This she tries to show her kids,
But they keep a blind eye,
They're fools, they dig their graves,
She's dying slowly,
Yet she worries not of her life,
She only fear for her kids,
She watches them destroy her,
Their greed would be the reason for their end,
Her eyes which were initially blue or green and was a home,
But her kids polluted it,
Making it inhabitable, dirty and poisonous,
Her hair was initially green, clean and a home,
Her kids has turned it black, dirty, and inhabitable,
She tries her best to heal for the sake of her kids,
She knows only her kids can kill her,
And that would be the end of them.