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  • Mother Nature
    How can a mother suffer so much destruction from her kids?
    She weeps and screams for help,
    But all she gets is silence and more destruction,
    She's the source of life for her kids, ...
  • My Journey
    Behind my smiles, I see the pain, sorrows, weakness, fears, anger that lies within,
    I'm good and pure, but I became a beast,
    Not out of choice but due to the experiences of life,
    I'm an encyclopedia of mistakes, ...
  • Decision
    My subconscious mind continually questions my decisions,
    Listen to the voice it says,
    Pay attention to every details,
    Quiet your mind and listen to the divine, ...
  • My Mother
    My mother, my pride,

    My first love, my life giver,
  • Words
    Tomorrow is another day,

    To some it's another year,
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