Jack Spicer Water Poems

  • 1.
    Any fool can get into an ocean
    But it takes a Goddess
    To get out of one.
    Whatâ??s true of oceans is true, of course,
  • 2.
    Your joke
    Is like a lake
    That lies there without any thought
    And sees
  • 3.
    A dead starfish on a beach
    He has five branches
    Representing the five senses
    Representing the jokes we did not tell each other
  • 4.
    Listen, you silk-hearted bastard,
    I said in the bar last night,
    You wear those dream clothes
    Like a swan out of water.
  • 5.
    What are you thinking about?

    I am thinking of an early summer.
    I am thinking of wet hills in the rain
  • 6.
    A Postscript for Marianne Moore

    No one exactly knows
    Exactly how clouds look in the sky
  • 7.
    This ocean, humiliating in its disguises
    Tougher than anything.
    No one listens to poetry. The ocean
    Does not mean to be listened to. A drop
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