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John Crowe Ransom (April 30, 1888 – July 3, 1974) was an American educator, scholar, literary critic, poet, essayist and editor. He is considered to be a founder of the New Criticism school of literary criticism. As a faculty member at Kenyon College, he was the first editor of the widely regarded Kenyon Review. Highly respected as a teacher and mentor to a generation of accomplished students, he also was a prize-winning poet and essayist.

BiographyEarly life John Crowe Ransom was born on April 30, 1888, in Pulaski, Tennessee. His father, John James Ransom (1853–1934) was a Methodist minister. His mother was Sara Ella (Crowe) Ransom (1859–1947). He had two sisters, Annie Phillips and Ella Irene, and one brother, Richard. He grew up in Spring ...
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John Crowe Ransom Poems

  • Friendship
    I VIEWED him well, the visible fat fool,
    And yet I took him in; for I contended,
    Friends are not sent in order of our choosing,
    They come unsuited like the gifts of God. ...
  • Grace
    WHO is it beams the merriest
    At killing a man, the laughing one?
    You are the one I nominate,
    God of the rivers of Babylon. ...
  • The Resurrection
    LONG, long before men die I sometimes read
    Their stoic backs as plain as graveyard stones,
    An epitaph of poor dead men indeed.
    I never pass those old and crooked bones, ...
  • Under The Locusts
    What do the old men say,
    Sitting out of the sun?
    Many strange and common things,
    And so would any one. ...
  • Romance Of A Youngest Daughter
    Who will wed the Dowagerâ??s youngest daughter,
    The Captain? filled with ale?
    He moored his expected boat to a stake in the water
    And stumbled on sea-legs into the Hall for mating, ...
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  • Welfordwrites: bells for john whiteside's daughter, a poem by john crowe ransom. an unsentimental reaction to the death of a young child. click the link!
  • Welfordwrites: necrological, a poem by john crowe ransom. a reflection on life and death based on the aftermath of a medieval battle. click the link!
  • Makeanoteofthat: the curse of hell upon the sleek upstart that got the captain finally on his back and took the red red vitals of his heart and made the kites to whet their beaks clack clack. —john crowe ransom
  • Notfsb: "progress never defines its ultimate objective but thrusts its victims at once into an infinite series." ~john crowe ransom
  • Prawfbainbridge: 1/ if you've ever wondered why progressives are never satisfied, consider john crowe ransom's argument that "all the true progressivists intend to have a program so elastic that they can always propose new worlds to conquer. ....
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