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thereyoujoe: These all feel too unrealistic... (9) Frank Nazar, C (16) Cutter Gauthier, C (28) Tristan Luneau, RD (41) Jack Devine, RW (73) Hugo Havelid, G (105) Noah Warren, RD (133) Alexander Ponomaryov, RW (169) Cole Spicer, C (186) Marcel Marcel, LW (201) Connor Kurth, C

heyAnnieMok: Why Mingus talked to Lester Young, with his mournful "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat." Why Jack Spicer spoke to Orpheus.

swimPACE: Congratulations to Henryville High School Alumni and Pacesetter, Jack Spicer, for winning the NTSPY for Boys Student Athlete of the Year!

weirdaffect: one of my favourite jack spicer barbs is when he heard philip whalen was being paid $10 to read at a festival and he responded "I'll offer him $11 not to read"

plunkettprime: the one thing that does concern me? of *COURSE* he's in the Navy Reserve. of course. he joins that long line of winners: -Jack "Urine Sentinel" Posobiec -"Hot Piss" Hunter -Reince "Real Name is his Nickname" Preibus -Sean "Spicy" Spicer -Petey "Counts Trips in a Car" B

follectium: OMFG MY HUSBANDBHJDBDB I just got result 'Jack Spicer (Xiaolin Showdown)' on quiz 'Which Black and Red Coded Character Are You? '. What will you get?

ChesapeakeHWPod: Jack Spicer is another Marylander picked, this time by the Wilderness of Minnesota. Spicer played two games with Lone Star, winning both. Primarily, he played with Mt. St. Charles and had a 26-4-4 record in 18U AAA.

troutsoups: Jack spicer send tweet

dim_capacity: guy who only reads jack spicer: oh my god this is just like jack spicer

PoetryFound: I leave my love with you I leave my love with you In this strange city. —Jack Spicer

mmaruzen: atsu cant draw so all he does is draw jack spicer. no he /is/ supposed to have a shirt on but my eyes are starting to hurt so I'm cutting it here.

FormaldehidCH20: Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown is a MSI fan

Edinagolf: Fantastic news for Hornets Wetzel & Nasby: MGA-Mr. MN Golf finalists Brady Baynes Eden Prairie Chase Camilli Lakeville North Peyton Coahran New London-Spicer Charlie Nasby, Edina; Owen Rexing, Rosemount Tyler Seeling Pequot Lakes Nate Stevens, Northfield and Jack Wetzel, Edina.

thereyoujoe: Just finished Draft Prospects Hockey’s NHL Draft Sim. (9) Frank Nazar, C (16) Marco Kasper, C (28) Elias Salomonsson, D (41) Ryan Chesley, D (73) Jack Devine, RW (105) Gavin Hayes, RW (133) Noah Warren, D (169) Roman Kechter, C (186) Cole Spicer, C (201) Charlie Leddy, D

xjdante: Jack Spicer had zero chill

PBouscheljong: Jack Spicer | After Lorca & A Fake Novel About The Life of Arthur Rimbaud

sim0_om: jack spicer

aliterarybot: Poems should echo and reecho against each other. They should create resonances. They cannot live alone any more than we can. —Jack Spicer, letter to Robin Blaser

SarahMDowling1: How come when some people use a phrase like “transformative redirection of planetary energy” it sounds very technical and scientific, but when other people use it it sounds very Jack Spicer-transmissions-from-Mars?

ToddJDavey: GWS - Isaac Cumming Haw - Denver Grainger-Barras Melb - Jacob Van Rooyen NM - Phoenix Spicer Port - Mitch Georgiades Rich - Noah Cumberland StK - Marcus Windhager Syd - Errol Gulden WCE - Jack Petruccelle WB - Jamarra Ugle-Hagan

MonkipiQuinn: Twitter user "Jack Spicer 420/69"

SxrgioSZN: 2022/23. The return of Jack Grealish

poetastrologers: I think that I would like to write a poem that is slow as a summer... I am thinking that a poem could go on forever Jack Spicer, Aquarius

spicy_spicer: That ends tonight's segment of jack ranting about feet

MaviSupernova: re reading some chack fanfics (chase young x jack spicer) and someone elses kudos are showing off behind mine that i did like today/yesterday and knowing im not alone out there in this world reading fic from 2007 such a comfort

Spicer_Who: Sheesh. Yeah Jack Harlow just a celebrity at this point

Danna644: Jack Spicer "Evil Boy Genius" would respect your pronouns.

RyanPsiko: The more I think about it the more I want Jack Spicer in multiversus. The OG Jack Spicer not the chronicles Spicer. He could be a puppet character with Jack bots, his jet pack for recovery possibly making use of the monkey staff or other shen gon wu.

Spicer_Who: Jack Harlow would say some shit like “handing out programs at my show so y’all can get with the program”

appetizercast: It's Episode 6 of Unlimited Appetizers! This time: Xiaolin Showdown's teen heartthrob Jack Spicer, really big spoons, and the semantics between two games about fighting monsters. Watch:

Spicer_Who: Axe is hip. Huncho Jack was in rotation for like 3 years.

Rhythm_Pony: Reasons why Jack Spicer can't sleep Part 1-2 and 3 1- Non-stop thinking 2- Internet 3- Nightmares

woozie_m: "- that lemon may become this lemon, or it may even become this piece of seaweed, or this particular grey in this ocean. One does not need to imagine that lemon; one needs to discover it.” - Letter to Lorca, Jack Spicer

Powell_DA: We died prodigiously; it hurt a while But left a certain quiet in the eyes. --Jack Spicer in 1957

Powell_DA: Jack Spicer ,"Berkeley in a a Time of Plague"

spicy_spicer: If i had a nickel every time i become friends with a XS!jack spicer irl Id have 2 Its not alot but its weird how it hapoend twice/ref

SonicStormChaz: I have yet to get a code so my chances of having a go at this closed alpha are slim but the question still remains.......... When we'll my man Jack Spicer get in!?!

ZinkikiZinki: I know nothing about MultiVersus aside from its roster and Twitter dripfeeding and yet I still had a dream about Jack Spicer getting added with a Dragoon-esque mechanic that improves his moveset as he collects Shen Gong Wu or provides generic stat boosts if someone else gets them

MasamuneNinjo: Xioalin Showdown characters like Omi, Jack Spicer, and Chase Young

avecsesdoigts: The birds are still in flight. Believe the birds. -- Jack Spicer

Epochi54: Characters I'd like to see in the game in no particular order: Static Shock, Dexter, Samurai Jack, Omi/Jack Spicer, Pinky and the Brain, the Animaniacs, Johnny test, KND, Jade or Jackie, Terry from BB, Ozzy from osmosis Jones, any of the Teen Titans, Mac&Bloo from Foster's Home.

Sime0nStylites: I am writing - highly recommend Jack Spicer btw

Marioshi64: MF JACK SPICER!


smallpresstraff: NYRB blurbed our latest Traffic Report!

lilyparmar11: 'I yell "Shit" down a cliff at the ocean. Even in my lifetime the immediacy of that word will fade.' Jack Spicer, whose poetry I resent... but obviously also love

odalisquex: Sadly don’t know a lot about poetry (getting there!) but I like Diane DiPrima, Robert Lax, Lorine Niedecker, Jack Spicer, Rimbaud…

Spicer_Who: Y’all was really on Jack Harlow jock a week ago. Haven’t heard a mention of a song since lol there’s a track I like but that shit was Diet Drake

sprstrwbrrysoda: Just remebered jack spicer

itszygoart: Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown because I recently rediscovered it and mannnn nostalgia

SALEMTransform1: Tawa was inspired by Vergil, Sephiroth, Jack Spicer, and most of all she was based on Rin Kiryuin from Jitsu wa Watashi wa, a time traveler who's future was overrun by The Charismatic Pervert II. Combine all that to make this dorky edgelord who gets bullied by the SALEM witches.

unit01barbie: i think jack spicer enjoyed the drama of unrequited love more than anyone ever??

JazzyTyfighter: TIL of a fan rumor that Jack Spicer was originally going to have a redemption arc and become the Dragon of Metal in Xiaolin Showdown but studio tampering changed that. Thoughts? Should he have stayed a comedic villain like Mojo Jojo or should he have been redeemed?

EmptyAstronaut: Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown (2003) said trans rights

Spicer_Who: Y’all can’t be serious with this Jack Harlow shit

Spicer_Who: Jack ain’t even better than Blue Slide Park Mac Miller loll

jackbotsattack: jack spicer ✈️ dad arc

msarki: The Collected Work of Jack Spicer

alexhillphd: Toddler proto concepts. My daughter has many of these, e.g. "two" means: small collectible object; "more" means more of the same OR I want something different. From the poem "Apollo Sends Seven Nursery Rhymes to James Alexander" by Jack Spicer

ChesapeakeHWPod: Rockville-native Jack Spicer goes 97th overall to Waterloo. The goalie played at Mount St Charles and had two wins in Lone Star at the end of the year.

dextresen: jack spicer from xiaolin showdown was a tumblrbait guy before tumblr even existed

DMVHockey: Congrats to the local Phase 2 USHL draft picks today, including former DMV Prospects player, Maryland Blackbears D-man and SEHL participant Sean Kilcullen as well as SEHL participants Will Lawrence and Jack Spicer from Mount St. Charles.

FutureGophers: F- Sammy Walker, Jack Perbix, Brody Lamb, Cole Spicer, Jackson Hallum, Nick Moldenhauer, Andrew Lucas, Jakub Lacka, Kaden Pickering, Ty Smilanic, and Chris Theodore G- Dylan St Cyr, Jake Kucharski

xiosan68: Yes i am Omi Raimundo Kimiko Clay Jack spicer Chase Young Wuya Dojo Kanojo Cho Master Fung HANNIBAL FUVKING BEAN Top 3 cartoon network It is one of my favourite shows ever Its soo good Character development? Story progress? Bomb


jackbotsattack: jack spicer from xiaolin showdown. post-xs, au divergent, somewhat. he is twenty-one years old && was taught martial arts && heylin magic from chase young and wuya. he can now harness the dark metal element && uses it to his advantage.

HEYLlNMAGICS: reverse au (r!au) created by c0nji jack spicer is swapped with chase young. all icons used are by c0nji singleship with high chemistry (no minors)

isk_erka: i watched this so much last night i had a xiaolin showdown dream where i join their crew, flirt with clay and then i defeated jack spicer in a game of domino. like regular domino not anything extra big we just played domino on a table

aliner: Even the subconscious is not patient enough for poetry. - Jack Spicer in one of these excellent letters from AFTER LORCA ✨✨✨

silver_zeo: After seeing the Lore episode of Craig of the Creek... I couldn't help but see Ex-King Xavier becoming like Jack Spicer.... So i drew a picture based on that conceptual fusion!

Kai_Kedamono: I’ve found that the only way to be sure I pay attention to the homilies in mass is if I doodle during them… so have Red Son and Jack Spicer hanging out (Forgot my sketchbook at home so I drew on our choir plan hah)

AdamWriting1: "Rest and look at this goddamned wheelbarrow." -Jack Spicer

Kai_Kedamono: Lowkey want to draw a picture of Tails - “Sonic the Hedgehog”, Red Son - “Monkie Kid”, and Jack Spicer -“Xiaolin Showdown” hanging out.

smallpresstraff: “Dear Spicer, To have poems become the real.” —from Letters to Spicer by Patrick James Dunagan in SPT’s Traffic Report up now! Read here:

TrueChrisBoyd: This is my indentation of Jack Spicer being a Kamen Rider if someone can make a digital art of it they can

electraslight: i need to draw jack spicer xiaolin showdown STAT but i have like 3 other things im working on should i draw him or finish the kevin and gwen comic

Kovar_HJsports: WCC WEST BOYS GOLF (at Albion Ridges GC) 1. New London-Spicer, 150 2. Annandale, 171 3. Watertown-Mayer, 176 4. Litchfield, 177 5. Glencoe-Silver Lake, 178 6. Dassel-Cokato, 187 7. HLWW/ML, 200 8. Rockford, 210 MEDALIST Noah Dietz (NL-S), 35

funnnybunnny: jack spicer

aliterarybot: Poems should echo and reecho against each other. They should create resonances. They cannot live alone any more than we can. —Jack Spicer, letter to Robin Blaser

redrato1: jack spicer and wuya

spicy_spicer: "Aw i love jack spicer" HIS NAME IS EVIL BOY GENIUS

RyanPsiko: Fellas if Jack Spicer, a villain from a 2003 cartoon can ask about pronouns why can't you?

DarkStoneCom: This is why we stand Jack Spicer, and why I think he is one of the most relatable villain's of all time.

GekiZolda: "Jack Spicer! I command you to spill your internal organs!" "What kinda sick people are you?!" Man, I miss shaolin showdown.

GKMaverick013: First, Jack Spicer is an Ally confirmed. Love that even in the 2000s. Second, This show was fun as hell. I would love to see it come back in some form. Especially animated with today’s techniques, the Xiaolin Showdowns would be unbelievable. But one can dream.

ActorsCentralVA: what was that about old cartoons not being "woke" also Jack Spicer evil boy genius respects pronouns!

AnthonyBLSmith: why do texts from parents all sound like Jack Spicer poems

BlazePaschalis: Jack Spicer

theMrAverage: Can one of you KH cosplayers lend me a black coat? Thinking of doing a Jack Spicer cosplay.

HertsSab: Join us at our Cuckooing Practice Guidance launch on 27th April 2022. Our keynote speaker Dr Jack Spicer will give an overview of research in the area of cuckooing and county lines. We will also have a Q&A session with our local experts.

necroMatador: Me: "I'm a villain-coded queer." Rhys: "No, honey, you're too soft." Me: "Let me finish! I'm a villain-coded queer, but the villain I'm coded after is Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown." Everyone: *bursts out laughing* "Yeah okay that's a mood, Saturday Morning Cartoon Villain."

tcollier7: jack spicer

Aperirel: accidentally stayed up so late watching jack spicer funny moments

SnakeTeflon: No mention of Jed (Updated: April 19, 2022) Ben Cunnington Indefinite Aaron Hall 2-4 weeks Jack Mahony Test Jared Polec 5-6 weeks Phoenix Spicer 2-3 weeks Tarryn Thomas Test Cameron Zurhaar Test

BrknDeathAngel: Here, have a free to use empty template. Go forth and create lame stale memes with Jack Spicer. XD

undesmadre: watching Jack Spicer's best moments

Spicer_Liam: That Jack Colback goal is absolutely disgusting

BridgeOfFaust: Voiced by Jack Black.

graywyvern: "A poet almost has to invent his own land and then has to defend it." --Jack Spicer

limbslackener: Strange, I had words for dinner Stranger, I had words for dinner Stranger, strange, do you believe me? — Magic by Jack Spicer

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