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PeytonDC78: Jack Posobiec Libs of TikTok Kirk Cameron Sean Spicer Name this band:

aliterarybot: They found that they had one tongue We shall find that we have one tongue I hope that we shall find that we have one tongue —Jack Spicer, Letters to James Alexander

GOLDCOVV: Feeling like Jack spicer

nowarwarren: jack spicer

pilotpressldn: Thank you to everyone who has preordered a copy of Jack Spicer’s ‘A Book of Music’. Please do consider making a preorder if you can. It helps the press pay for printing without going out of pocket, keeping our head above water.

SonicStormChaz: Look unless I have to wait for the full release and find out that my man Jack Spicer is still not being added to the game then stop wasting my time

Spicer_Who: Kids See Ghost, Drake x Future & Huncho Jack

LouiseBEisenha2: EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec, Libs of TikTok, Sean Spicer join Kirk Cameron’s Freedom Island Tour for DC stop -

ceejindeed: Sketch commissions part 3: Jack Spicer, Noivern, and Roman’s persona Judd!

HumanEvents: EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec, Libs of TikTok, Sean Spicer join Kirk Cameron's Freedom Island Tour for DC stop

Carol38553: EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec, Libs of TikTok, Sean Spicer join Kirk Cameron’s Freedom Island Tour for DC stop -

KT07500539: EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec, Libs of TikTok, Sean Spicer join Kirk Cameron’s Freedom Island Tour for DC stop -

pilotpressldn: I’m excited to share that in April the press will publish a new edition of the 1958 collection ‘A Book of Music’ by American poet Jack Spicer (1925-1965). Spicer believed that the poet was a radio able to collect transmissions from a spirit world.

pastelcyaniide: Rose is taken home by Aradia, eaten by her mother. I, Randie have been left with Tommy, Spicer, and Jack's Angel. They will be eaten tomorrow.

machinavillage: i think last time i got obsessed over a cartoon guy like this was jack spicer, and he does have the same pathetic wimp vibes as vash

Mavpuck: 3/4: Need a goalie (or 2). Raythan Robbins (who was at UNO a short time when Kucharski’s eligibility was in doubt) is headed to Bemidji. Recent commit Jack Spicer seems like a 2024-25 prospect. So will they find a backup for Latkoczy in the portal?? (Cont.)

aliterarybot: Galahad laughed When he was born because his mother's womb had been so funny. —Jack Spicer, The Holy Grail

aangellface: i luv u jack spicer evil genius he makes me so happy

ValidLsTakingLs: As the host mentioned yesterday, there may be an alter introduction, so here I am! The name's Jack Spicer, evil boy genius! No, I won't be signing my posts, and no I won't tell you what triggers me to front.

sci_fi_stewy: Gabriel Agreste if we're being honest. Real ones will remember Jack Spicer and the Box Ghost too.

RobotrippingG: A Jack Spicer poem….

TreeMusk: "I dont care, I don't wan't to know how, just make him gone" - Jack Spicer telling bots to delete Omi.

MisterBossy: The dead are notoriously hard to satisfy. (Jack Spicer)

SacredKnives: Ugh. Guys I bought habanero cheese. What can I use this for? It's much spicer then pepper jack. I assumed I could use it in the same way. Now I am not so sure because of how hot it gets.

aliterarybot: I wish you were with me now on this grass and could be with me like the leaves and the flowers and the grass a part of this spring. Jim and James. —Jack Spicer, Letters to James Alexander

trevorw1953: 'Each community “exploit[s] Lorca symbolically and ideologically”; they all disregard “what really matters … the song, depths, and life-roots of poetic experience as the expression of the human condition”.'

thissinglejoy: New at Tourniquet: ChatGPT on Jack Spicer's poem, "Psychoanalysis: An Elegy."

RZoom1415: 45. Wuya An evil, old witch who wants to rule the world, what’s not to love about that. Wuya by herself is great but when she’s paired up with Jack Spicer, they become a hilarious duo

fralmat: Jack Spicer Adams

pourfairelevide: Jack Spicer has some good ones, I think

2000sWatcher: And that kid was Jack Spicer. No really.

DonutsGlazed: So what if his plan is clipped from a ladies' magazine? Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, can totally make this work!

aliterarybot: never knowing that there would be a ship Whose tiny sails, grail bearing Would have to support me All the loves of my life Each impossible choice I had been making. —Jack Spicer, The Holy Grail

DonutsGlazed: So what if his plan is clipped from a ladies' magazine? Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, can totally make this work!

lewislacook: That two-eyed monster God is still above. I saw him once when I was young and once When I was seized with madness, or was I seized And mad because I saw him once. He is the sun And moon made real with eyes. He is the photograph of everything at once. -- Jack Spicer

TomSnarsky: good with sugar Jack Spicer

gatortopia: jack spicer has been added to my collection of little fellas ive happily adopted

NewYokai: Nigga said do you wanna be Jack Spicer or Jackie Chan

SundaySkylar: How are you transphobic and a Jack Spicer fan? That's a whole ass transmasc goth you got there.

Spicer_Who: Jack Harlow ruins this Chris Brown song. “Im NASA, I can show you what space is…” He’s so bad bruh loll

day_ryms: I did a bang up job packing but experiencing immense regret that I didnt bring Jack Spicer to read in SF

ryanfitzpublic: I probably would've used this quote from Jack Spicer as an epigraph to Coast Mountain Foot if I had read it five years ago.

poesispoesis: Joanne Kyger connected generations of poets & movements. Ron Silliman: “She’s one of our hidden treasures—the poet who really links the Beats, the Jack Spicer Circle, Bolinas poets, New York School, and Language poets, and the only poet who can be said to do all of the above.”

thaliarchus: I used not to believe all that stuff about poets as conduits, Blake's interest in prophecy, Jack Spicer's ventriloquism &c. And I still don't! Also I'm not much of a poet. But…

Poetry_Daily: Words are what sticks to the real. —Jack Spicer

aliterarybot: Poetry, almost blind a camera Is alive in sight only for a second. Click, Snap goes the eyelid of the eye before movement Almost as the word happens. —Jack Spicer, 'Imaginary Elegies'

Poetry_Daily: Poems should echo and re-echo against each other. They should create resonances. They cannot live alone any more than we can. —Jack Spicer

DonutsGlazed: So what if his plan is clipped from a ladies' magazine? Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, can totally make this work!

Chimera_Jam: they could've added jack spicer and avoided this smh

pilotpressldn: ‘This Is Submitted To Your Valentine Contest’ Jack Spicer (1925-1965)

Spicer_Who: The fact Jack was even nominated is blasphemy

aliterarybot: the immediate always has hundreds of its own words cliging to it, short-lived and tenacious as barnacles. —Jack Spicer, After Lorca

day_ryms: I kind of want to become a jack spicer ai llm influencer but I don’t love the idea of tweeting cryptic jokes about poetry being “dumb” eg Tower of Babel eg collapsing possibility space of language in order to encyst emotions on my main

day_ryms: Fab dream that I was at a Jack Spicer reading in the basement of an office building with Robert Duncan, smoking a cig all the way down and then eating the filter and drinking carbonated orange juice... Very Cool

day_ryms: 5 similarities between ai alignment and jack spicer: 1 my vocabulary did this to me 2 aliens 3 what

IzzyFishii: >shows up in the final season >inserts himself into the backstory of two different established villains >hyped up as the ultimate evil, but season one Jack Spicer had a better win to loss ratio >is literally a bean, never explained >southern

goblin_gavotte: if aliens really do come around and are like hey we heard the Berkeley Renaissance poet Jack Spicer was talking some pretty egregious shit about us roughly 60-70 years ago I'm going to feel awfully smug about select portions of my dissertation

wtfisapoet: Jack Spicer

squishythedude: I miss this show so much one of my fav 2000s cartoons Also fun fact I coudnt gey past the first ep of chronicles because I didn't like the new voice actor for Jack spicer yes ik it's a dumb reason but it legit turned me off from the reboot at the time

aliterarybot: Things fit together. We knew that—it is the principle of magic. Two inconsequential things can combine together to become a consequence. This is true of poems too. A poem is never to be judged by itself alone. A poem is never by itself alone. —Jack Spicer, letter to Robin Blaser

nicksturm: In the intro to Jack Spicer's Collected, Kevin Killian & Peter Gizzi write that "his poems don't leave us with a lack of meaning but rather an excess of meaning"--& I just wanted to say this is an incredible reframing that I use often in my teaching & in my own reading--an amulet

ValidLsTakingLs: I should draw my own pfp for this account. Yes, it will still be Jack Spicer. Although I am considering rebounding to The Dredge (or, better known by me, The Drussy) from DBD.

harpywitharobot: Jack "I saw a robot in the kitchen appliance and carved it until I set it free" Spicer His bf's coffeemaker || His mom's juicer- or RoboJack 3.0

aliterarybot: our poems write for each other, being full of their own purposes, no doubt no more mysterious in their universe than ours in ours. —Jack Spicer, Letters to James Alexander

homosoftommorow: Sometimes I think about how Jack Spicer wrote an entire series of "letters" to long dead poet Lorca and then wrote letters back to himself in the style of Lorca just for funsies.

homosoftommorow: Jack Spicer was the definition of a chaotic good gay and he was gone way too soon.

Pres_Chicago: "'There was overwhelming support for preservation of the limestone revetment,' said Promontory Point Conservancy Jack Spicer. 'Ald Hairston (5th) was outstanding in her support ... and very clear in her words to the Park District to not screw this up.'

coachnatali: Other BU swim/dive school records set by Jack Spicer -200 back, Josefina Gonzalez- 1000 free & the men’s & women’s 400 free relay! Jaylyn Harrison was named Freshman of the conference meet & Head Coach Deb Thompson was named men’s conference coach of the meet! Great job Pilots!

samuelpepys: I met with Spicer, Washington, and D. Vines in Lincoln’s Inn Court, and they were buying of a hanging jack to roast birds on of a fellow that was there selling of some.

spicy_spicer: Also i feel like makin a side persona when i don't wanna be drawin my main one ( jack ripoff maybe? cuz im lazy lol)

coachnatali: Other NAIA marks for BU swim/dive were Lara Galy & Zach Anguish-500 free, in 200 IM Emma McClelland, Kayla Logeais Paula Ronda Bou & & Arik Gamble, Elisabeth Wolfe & Ignacio Vinagre-50 free & Jack Spicer 100 back! Other school records by women’s 200 free relay & 400 medley relay!

BlckHawksHockey: After the game this Saturday night, meet outside of Party Town Outfitters and get autographs and photos with Forward Griffin Erdman and Goalie Jack Spicer. Great seats are still available →

jordan_mcalpine: Anton Castro commits to Wisconsin:

coachnatali: Other BU NAIA qualifiers in swim/dive were Jack Spicer & Mikaela Vanasdale -100 back, Ignacio Vinagre, Jaylyn Harrison, Elisabeth Wolfe & Lara Galy -200 free, Paula Ronda Bou, Kayla Logeais & Joe Sheets -400 IM & Vivienne Kunkler, Arik Gamble & Emma McClelland - 100 breast!

thaliarchus: All right, so, the other day I figured I should read Jack Spicer's poem sequence /The Holy Grail/. You can read about Spicer (1925–65) here:

thaliarchus: If you want to read Spicer, you don't have to track this pirated oddity down. Look for /My Vocabulary Did This to Me: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer/ (Wesleyan University Press)

xX_Nice_Guy_Xx: This fellow's posts about poetry are the coolest. However, I didn't know there was another Jack Spicer out there... my American cartoon brain will never forget the first one I met.

TheRinkLive: Waterloo goaltender Jack Spicer 'pumped' to become an Omaha Maverick

thecorlew: Man Jack Spicer is such a cool poet whom I don’t think about enough. Read some Jack Spicer today

aliterarybot: Things cannot die in such a spring and yet your silence frightens me when I close my eyes or begin to write a poem. —Jack Spicer, Letters to James Alexander

wtfisapoet: This is practical advice and also advice that makes you stay up all night, unfortunately." Jack Spicer

ep_transfers: Confirmed: Jack Spicer (G) | Waterloo Black Hawks -> Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha |

ITYSLThePoem: Jack Spicer, born on this day in 1925

ITYSLThePoem: Jack Spicer

seventydys: Sheer hell Jack Spicer, ‘It Is Forbidden to Look’

TheTLS: 'This lively contrivance does not make the book confusing, deceptive or unreadable. On the contrary, any reader adequately familiar with representations of Lorca will immediately understand the ploy and find it amusing.'

wild_udyr: I made Jack Spicer in League of Legends and here is what happened:

SheepEddie: Jack Spicer appreciation post ❤UwU

aliterarybot: No love is Like an ocean with the dizzy procession of the waves' boundaries From which two can emerge exhausted, nor long goodbye Like death. Coming at an end. —Jack Spicer, 'A Book of Music'

TomWill72550626: Jack Spicer from A Birthday Poem For James Alexander

aliterarybot: If someone doesn't fight me I'll have to wear this armor All of my life. I look like the Tin Woodsman in the Oz Books. Rusted beyond recognition. —Jack Spicer, The Holy Grail

ShaineCassim: " From poetsorg. Jack Spicer's postcard, midi 1950, announcing a Reading of 5 Boston poets : Jack Spicer, Stephen Jonas, John Wieners, Joe Dunn and Robin Blaser."

DonutsGlazed: So what if his plan is clipped from a ladies' magazine? Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, can totally make this work!

aliterarybot: we loved And some parts of us loved And the rest of us will remain Two persons. —Jack Spicer, 'A Book of Music'

TheTLS: 'Was Lorca, the son of a wealthy landowner and thus, for some, an Andalusian señorito, Spain’s 'poet of the people', as both the left and the right claimed?'

aliterarybot: If someone doesn't fight me I'll have to wear this armor All of my life. I look like the Tin Woodsman in the Oz Books. Rusted beyond recognition. —Jack Spicer, The Holy Grail

aliterarybot: Any fool can get into an ocean But it takes a Goddess To get out of one. What's true of oceans is true, of course, Of labyrinths and poems. —Jack Spicer, 'Any fool can get into an ocean...'

DonutsGlazed: So what if his plan is clipped from a ladies' magazine? Jack Spicer, Evil Boy Genius, can totally make this work!

ohimejpg: don't ask me why jack spicer is there also honorable mentions boo, shadow and balder/valor/insidious from bayo 2

homosoftommorow: ...Wait Jack Spicer is the name of that Cartoon Goth boy I often see people cosplay in my timeline and the reason I always seen him in my Google search when I'm looking for Jack Spicer poems??? And he was named after Jack Spicer?? He's gay right?

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