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Surdas (IAST: Sūr, Devanagari: सूर) was a 16th-century blind Hindu devotional poet and singer, who was known for his lyrics written in praise of Krishna.[1] They are usually written in Braj Bhasha, one of the two literary dialects of Hindi. Surdas is usually regarded as having taken his inspiration from the teachings of Vallabha Acharya, whom he is supposed to have met in 1510. There are many stories about him, but most consideringly[clarification needed] he is said to have been blind from birth. He is said to have become foremost among the poets, the Vallabha Sampradaya designates as its Aṣṭachāp (eight seals), following the convention that each poet affixes his oral signature called chap at the end of each composition. The book Sur Sagar (Sur's Ocean) is traditionally a...
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Sant Surdas Poems

  • Krishna Approaches Radha
    Krishna said, 'O fair beauty, who are you?
    Where do you live? Whose daughter are you?
    I never yet saw you in the lanes of Braj.'
  • The Lord Helps His Devotees
    The voice falters
    when it sings of the deeds of the Lord
    who's an ocean of mercy.
    He gave guileful Putana, who posed as his mother, a ...
  • Yasoda Inducing Krishna To Stay Nearby
    Kanha, don't go so far to play,
    you do not know the 'hau' is here,
    I've learnt of it today.
    one boy came running just now ...
  • Krishna Awakes
    Krishna awake, for the day has dawned:
    large, deep and lotus-like,
    your eyes are as in the love-shaped lake
    a pair of swans even a million Kamadevas cannot vie ...
  • Krishna In The Cradle
    Yasoda lulling Hari to sleep,
    Shaking the cradle, cuddling and fondling,
    Singing to Him a song.
    My darling is sleepy ...
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Face 10 Joy 8 Sun 7 Heart 7 Child 6 Lotus 6 Play 6 Mother 6 Moon 6 I Love You 5

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Kuldeepmpai: ‘holi’ prayers for all! rasaleela - one of the bests from our treasure-trove with different hues of musical joy! prostrations at the feet of sant surdas maharaj ji !
Rsandadi: gopi gopala lal | sant surdas | vande guru paramparaam | purva dhanashre...
Kuldeepmpai: 'gopi gopala lal', a timeless classic by sant surdas, transports you to the ecstatic dance of divine love. experience his ravishing 'rasa leela' as you immerse yourself in this glorious rendezvous! full version:
Newindianxpress: modern india has seen four films on him; surdas (1939), bhakta surdas (1942), sant surdas (1975) and chintamani surdas (1988). surdas's verses are still widely sung and danced to, and he is an important figure in bhakti movement, writes renuka narayanan.
Kuldeepmpai: here are a few droplets of 'amritam' from our upcoming melodious ambrosia - 'gopi gopala lal', an exquisite jewel from the treasure trove of sant surdas! vande guru paramparaam!
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