Psalm 127 Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The blessing of God on the business and comforts of lifeA
If God succeed not all the costB
And pains to build the house are lostC
If God the city will not keepD
The watchful guards as well may sleepD
What if you rise before the sunE
And work and toil when day is doneE
Careful and sparing eat your breadF
To shun that poverty you dreadF
'Tis all in vain till God hath blessedG
He can make rich yet give us restG
Children and friends are blessings tooH
If God our Sovereign make them soI
Happy the man to whom he sendsJ
Obedient children faithful friendsJ
How sweet our daily comforts proveK
When they are seasoned with his loveL

Isaac Watts


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