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Isaac Watts Books, Isaac Watts poetry book The Beauties of Dr. Isaac Watts Authors: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Curiosmith
Published Date: 2017-11-20
Categories: Religion
Isaac Watts, the celebrated hymn writer, was a dynamic man that thought across many disciplines. This book is a collection of over 120 excerpts from twelve different books Isaac Watts authored. Included are passages from "Improvement of the Mind," "Doctrine of Passions," "Logic," "Strength and Weakness of Human Reason," "World to Come," and seven other of his works. Also included is "Advice to a Young Man." This collection is excellent way to become familiar with the writings and thinking of Isaac Watts.

Isaac Watts Books, Isaac Watts poetry book The Psalms of David Authors: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Lulu.com
Published Date: 2014-07-06
Categories: History
A selection from the wonderful psalms of King David by the famous congregationalist hymn-writer Isaac Watts, with comments on their use.

Isaac Watts Books, Isaac Watts poetry book The World to Come Authors: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Soli Deo Gloria Ministries
Published Date: 2001-12-01
Categories: Religion
Our culture is consumed with a fascination for theories about the end times, but instead, this book presents the biblical teaching on what will happen after death, at the end of time, and for all eternity. Watts is clear about the joys of heaven to be realized by the saint, as well as the eternal duration of hell prepared for the unbeliever. He provides practical instruction to prepare for death and the afterlife.

Isaac Watts Books, Isaac Watts poetry book The Improvement of the Mind Authors: Isaac Watts
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
Published Date: 2007-03
Categories: Philosophy
This work, a follow up to his enormously successful 1724 book, Logic (also available from Cosimo) was first published in 1741. In this replica 1837 edition, discover. . Directions for the attainment of useful knowledge . The different modes of learning compared: observation, reading, instruction, conversation, and study . Notes on learning a foreign language . Dealing with disputes in a logical way . Enlarging the capacity of the mind and improving the memory . Overcoming prejudices . And much more.

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