Hospitable is he, a spirit-laden life,
Who opens the door at the end of day.
He who locks it shall suffer in strife
And pain will befall him, come what may.

It is wrong to think that the door can be blocked.
Forcing it close is the thought of a fool.
Better yet to let nature take its course
And welcome the visitor with a drink and some food.

Sit with him, leaving your fear behind.
Greet him as you would an old acquaintance.
Regrets are lighter than hesitation, you'll find.
It is best that you meet it with acceptance.

Tales of hours past told of one man,
Twisting his story like the gloomy forest vines.
That he goes, searches, and scours the land
For the unfortunate who were to be butchered at sight.

But, soon to be you shall come to know,
When you brave the challenge without any nerve,
The story that unfolds, then forgotten so,
You'll hear from the man over the tea you served.