There is no sin in longing,
As long as obsession is not damned.
Find and fight the river, raging;
Squash the sturdy land.

For life is a journey full
Of ever-changing devotions.
Ironic as a waking lull,
Tugging your emotions.

Like the lights that beckon,
Guiding you in embrace.
What of the voices that reckon
That begging is a mistake?

You played with the flame,
As you yourself is a fire.
No one is to blame,
But nature's last desire.

All it is, a game of embers
To keep each other ablaze.
Burning off of what one remembers,
Whilst thinking of their face.


"Crackle, crackle, like breaking bones,
The sound they make is cold.
But, unlike the bluish tones,
The warmth is far too bold.

Hiss, hiss, like kindled wood,
Whose end is nearly to be.
But, unlike the brittle bones would,
The flame dreams to be free."


The two, lit, dance to the night,
Like leaves to the wind.
If only life would make it bright
Until the very end.

But the fuses live time bizarrely,
Chasing the clock, oddly devout.
One is put out, prematurely.
What of the one still about?


"Crackle, crackle, like shattering bones,
This heart of mine breaks,
Like those of kings offering thrones
Before the sleeping monster wakes.

Hiss, hiss, like sparked wood,
Enjoined by the rest,
To look anew, as others would,
Like I would appease at their behest."


You say to them you do not care,
For one's flame is theirs alone.
You shall not touch strands of their hair
And that they should keep to their own.

Your creed is yours to see through,
With promises igniting,
The reckless and the cautious you
-- In your mind, reveling:

That beauty is but a blessing and sin;
Death is just the end of a prose;
Woe is to tear as joy is to grin;
That love is to rear a thorny rose.

One fire lit amid the dark,
In the face of bitter plight,
Holding truth that is most stark,
As do the stars in prolonged flight.

There is no ill in longing,
Though some might view it damned.
You will face the currents, storming;
Cursing and crying atop the sand.

The words you spoke in dead of night,
Together with your fated pair,
Though you believe destiny's not right,
Shall ring and bellow in the air.

Amber & Carmine:

"Crackle, crackle, the embers afloat
Are searching above and down below.
Glowing proud, the embers gloat,
But they are worries we have let go.

Hiss, hiss, says charring timber,
As we promise to the day anew.
-- Even if I turn into a lifeless specter
My ashen wisps will love only you."