voice of youths have gone global. in clenched fists.

drama at depth of brutality. you thought
you can fool them for ages. but
couldn't cage their will for long

they are left free!

spirited spur in streams of endless flow
snake the streets. angst outpouring:
voices made manifest.

headlined horrors:
innocent bloods were shed in rented graves. bones broken. ladies raped.
ezu river fed up with corpses;

it becomes difficult surviving in caged dungeons
of SARS's intimidating orgies
only the freed few tell it.

against our will SARS colonized at will.
leaders and governments looked away in tacit accord.
or willing alignment?

it's nature's endorsement: at full circle -
sun rays glide with rain,
placards of blood showering in solidarity,
in protest: of bottled pains;
unspeakable years of fears.

from naija to the world;
from twitter to hinterlands
youths twittering. government - jittery, genuflecting at our oneness.

verdict of evils:
blood-tanned officers paid to protect turned killers. appolyon from hades!

end sars. end brutality.
end bloodshed! clenched fits!

'tis that simple -
with chicken coming home to roost,
let the hunter become hunted.
haunted till justice is served.

and from the shadows of our forlorn
griefs and ashes
will our glory arise
after our voices!
and feast of fists!