Empty streets, distraught zone
It's quiet and empty in all places
In fear and tears we walk alone
Forlorn looks on saddened faces

One man jailed for a whole nation
In solidarity we take our chains
And where he goes we march on
In his loss we find our gains

What's become of the blood-letting
Even the loudest of voices are silent
They loot, they destroy in profit getting
Dead bodies litter wherever they went

Seems like the devil has made east his encampment
Corpses and blood eaten and drank in sacrament
I like the solidarity in our cause
We must fix our broken laws

This rollercoaster is a déjà vu
Now we sit at home me and you
How long it'll last we don't know
A fearsome monster it will grow

After full circle it will turn around
When it has reached it's full course
In all our land peace will abound
If in one accord fairness we endorse