Herbert Asquith Silver Poems

  • 1.
    THE sea-breeze beating on her brow,
    The foam asurge her shining feet,
    She stood,-a silver Victory,
    Poised high on some Athenian prow,
  • 2.
    IN domes of dim and ancient gold,
    In cloisters, where the lightning plays,
    Where gleam the gorgeous saints of old
    In aisles of jade and chrysoprase,
  • 3.
    O SILVER one, O silver one,
    Above the valley of the Bane:
    O stem with snow-water agleam,
    And glistening limbs, and trails of pearl.
  • 4.
    UNDER the stars the armies lie asleep:
    Between the lines a quiet river flows
    Through brakes of honeysuckle, and of rose,
    And fields where poppies droop in languor deep:
  • 5.
    SHE lay beneath an apple tree,
    A marble maiden, free from care;
    And round her was a canopy
    Of moonlit air.
  • 6.
    WHEN first I saw you, in eclipse,
    A veil about your head,
    And wondered at those unseen lips
    With wit bediamonded:
  • 7.
    THOR draws a chord invisible
    Across the shaking sky:
    I hear the tearing of the shell,
    The bullets sing and cry,
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