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Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, (12 September 1852 – 15 February 1928), generally known as H. H. Asquith, was a British statesman and Liberal Party politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916. He was the last Liberal prime minister to command a majority government, and the most recent Liberal to have served as Leader of the Opposition. He played a major role in the design and passage of major liberal legislation and a reduction of the power of the House of Lords. In August 1914, Asquith took Great Britain and the British Empire into the First World War. During 1915, his government was vigorously attacked for a shortage of munitions and the failure of the Gallipoli Campaign. He formed a coalition government with other parties but...
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Herbert Asquith Poems

  • The Fallen Poet
    NOW that the soul has left its throne
    Behind your mortal eyes,
    And light, and colour and sound are gone
    From the body's palaces : ...
  • The Fallen Subaltern
    The starshells float above, the bayonets glisten;
    We bear our fallen friend without a sound;
    Below the waiting legions lie and listen
    To us, who march upon their burial-ground. ...
  • A Ship Sails Up To Bideford
    A ship sails up to Bideford;
    Upon a western breeze,
    Mast by mast, sail over sail,
    She rises from the seas, ...
  • Nightfall
    Hooded in angry mist, the sun goes down:
    Steel-gray the clouds roll out across the sea:
    Is this a Kingdom? Then give Death the crown,
    For here no emperor hath won, save He....
  • The Bather
    THE sea-breeze beating on her brow,
    The foam asurge her shining feet,
    She stood,-a silver Victory,
    Poised high on some Athenian prow, ...
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Joshcm21: she’s related to florence nightingale and her great grandfather was herbert asquith ffs
Parlconst: herbert asquith, liberal prime minister 1908 - 1916, was defeated in east fife in the 1918 general election. he returned to parliament in a by-election in paisley in 1920, winning again in the 1922 & 1923 general elections, but lost to a labour candidate in 1924.
Lsherloc: just learned that my gt gt grandfather and his cousins were at school in huddersfield with herbert asquith. that’s an unexpected connection to add to my suffragette story
Galadima_samaru: time and again, this has affected military planning. for example, a lack of shells for british artillery in the first world war resulted in a crisis that led to the downfall of the government of herbert asquith.
Wendymorant: herbert h. asquith speech at the outset of the first world war, 1914
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