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  • Haiku 13
    spring rain:
    browsing under an umbrella
    at the picture-book store
  • Haiku 02
    the tree cut,
    dawn breaks early
    at my little window
  • Haiku 01
    In the coolness
    of the empty sixth-month sky...
    the cuckoo's cry.
  • Tanka 11
    I remember plucking
    buds of bush clover
    long ago with
    Satsuma geta on my feet and ...
  • Haiku 03
    scatter layer
    by layer, eight-layered
    cherry blossoms!
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Lysapoet: as the weather warms a favourite from masaoki shiki... spring day a long line of footprints on the sandy beach
Faust89823700: masaoki shiki - tanka 08 to every needle of the needled pine it clings— the pearl white dew, forming but to scatter, scattering but to form
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