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joshcm21: She’s related to Florence Nightingale and her great grandfather was Herbert Asquith ffs

parlconst: Herbert Asquith, Liberal Prime Minister 1908 - 1916, was defeated in East Fife in the 1918 General Election. He returned to parliament in a by-election in Paisley in 1920, winning again in the 1922 & 1923 General Elections, but lost to a Labour candidate in 1924.

lsherloc: Just learned that my gt gt grandfather and his cousins were at school in Huddersfield with Herbert Asquith. That’s an unexpected connection to add to my suffragette story

Galadima_Samaru: Time and again, this has affected military planning. For example, a lack of shells for British artillery in the first world war resulted in a crisis that led to the downfall of the government of Herbert Asquith.

WendyMorant: Herbert H. Asquith Speech at the Outset of the First World War, 1914

StairwaysGroup: Did you know that the door to number 10 Downing Street hasn’t always been black? In 1908, Liberal PM Herbert Asquith instructed that the door be painted a different colour. What colour was it changed to? A. Dark Green B. Orange C. Violet - The answer is A. Dark Green

ToiletGuru: Herbert Henry Asquith, who died OTD in 1928, served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916

strategics58: Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life. ~Herbert Henry Asquith

FXMC1957: 15 February 1928. Liberal politician, Herbert Asquith, died (aged 75). He was UK Prime Minister from 1908 to 1916, and last to lead a majority Liberal government in the UK. His government introduced old age pensions, free school meals, and reduced the power of the House of Lords.

A_B_Evans: I’ve squinted a fair few times and I’m astonished that I can’t see Herbert and Margot Asquith and Anthony and Clarissa Eden on this list

MarnyVorny: Originally ownd by Raymond Asquith, son of British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, and Great-Uncle 2 Helena Bonham-Carter. There are notes in the margins that do not entirely resemble the writing in the inscription, so I doubt that is Mr Asquith's hand. The sticker is enough.

calvin_web: The War Office kept three sets of figures; one to mislead the public, another to mislead the Cabinet, and another to mislead itself. —Herbert Asquith

Aaronrutter9: 3) Herbert Asquith - British politician 1852-1928)

TwinLawyer: Raymond Asquith was killed in action on 15 of September, 1916. He was a son of then Premier Minister of the UK, mr Herbert Asquith. Another prominent Briton, Harold Macmillan, suffered a serious injury on the same day. He carried shrapnel in his kidneys for the rest of his life.

danielsusskind: I came across Churchill's profile of Raymond Asquith, son of Herbert Asquith, again this morning. Chills every time I read it.

hiddlestigress: Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life. Herbert Henry Asquith

p0nc_: Plunkett probably saw the Pope on April 8th. His report: He had a two hour audience – in March the British PM Herbert Asquith had only 30mins – the Pope not only wept copiously repeating ‘the poor men, the poor men’, but that Benedict had actually blessed the volunteers.

mongsley: it was used to practice political assassinations. Notably, attempts on the life of Prime Minister Herbert Asquith (planned but not carried out) and Sir William Hutt Curzon Wyllie (carried out).

OldhammerBot: The fanatical Orcish high priest Ushak Bladesticker leads his Orcish troupe under a banner bearing the hideous visage of Herbert Asquith.

homeworkhurdle: Discuss herbert henry asquith

wfinalle57: "The great hidden agenda of the 1909 Conference was the recruitment of newspapermen from around the Commonwealth by Pilgrim Prime Minister Herbert H. Asquith to create what we today know as British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS, renamed GCHQ in 1946."

PRednall: Day 10 of my Advent Calendar from History is Herbert Henry Asquith.

RepRenaissance: On day 4 of British Prime Ministers, we reach Herbert Henry Asquith, Prime Minister from 1908 to 1916, and Liberal leader from 1908 to 1926. He had a tumultuous premiership characterised by domestic controversy and WWI.

bonavacantia1: New estate: Herbert Asquith 10/09/1952-17/03/2022; Wakefield West Yorkshire

thequote: Youth will be an ideal state if it came a little later in life. - Herbert Henry Asquith

Greebohobbes: Herbert Henry Asquith, by Leslie Ward - Vanity Fair, 1 August 1891 He was a British statesman and Liberal Party politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916.

bonavacantia1: New estate: Herbert Asquith 10/09/1952-17/03/2022; Wakefield West Yorkshire

skulthorp: There is (some) history behind this idea. Lloyd Herbert, a British diplomat who helped the country gain independence in 1913 was twice offered the throne of Albania. He was interested, but talked out of it by then PM Asquith.

410SUL: Herbert Asquith.

neil_will: Shakespeare's plays were written by the Earl of Oxford... and Asquith, Herbert Henry Asquith, former Prime Minister

DavidCranmerUn1: He was opposed by his cousin Herbert Samuel, a moderate Zionist who became the first High Commissioner of the British Mandate of Palestine. In 1912, Montagu accompanied the prime minister on holiday in Sicily. H. H. Asquith brought along his daughter Violet, and she in turn

redfishstream: ...and politicians themselves (including Winston Churchill pictured here, and then Prime Minister Herbert Asquith), damaging paintings with patriarchal themes in national galleries, & even placing a bomb in Westminster Abbey.

ElonMusgraves: completely swagless. he'll never be herbert asquith

somecaboose: Spooky October poem day 27: “Nightfall”- Herbert Asquith

ThatNeilMartin: Reminder that the suffragettes horse-whipped Winston Churchill, set fire to the Theatre Royal and threw a hatchet at Herbert Asquith. A tin of soup is mild in comparison.

matthewmuwangu5: Somewhere in Heaven, Robert Walpole, William Pitt the Younger, Sir Winston Churchill, Benjamin Disraeli, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Edward Heath, James Harold Wilson, Lord John Russell, Henry Pelham, and Herbert Henry Asquith are laughing at Liz Truss.

acmcinnes: Duke of Wellington, Robert Peel, Horatio Walpole, Herbert Asquith, Winston Churchill, Rab Butler etc.. and now someone who had to resign as a major political party chairman only a few years ago, lied about his second jobs and pseudonyms whilst an MP etc.. things are looking up.

FDG_LPL: "Youth would be an ideal state, if it came a little later in life." Herbert Asquith

Welshbeard: Secondly, nearly 100 years earlier, a second cousin was housekeeper for Liberal PM Herbert Asquith, at No 10.

johnsimkin: In March 1909, Emily Davison was arrested while attempting to hand a petition to the Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith. Emily was found guilty of causing a disturbance and sentenced to one-month imprisonment.

Greebohobbes: Herbert Henry Asquith, by Leslie Ward - Vanity Fair, 1 August 1891 He was a British statesman and Liberal Party politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916.

cipherstorm: Why Winston Churchill Named America’s M4 Tank “Sherman”: In 1915 a man named Winston Churchill funded development a giant armored “landship” concept to break through trenches, barbed wire and machine gun nests. Prime Minister Herbert Asquith received a…

RHUL_Library: On the 24 February 1909, she attempted to present a petition to Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. However, she was arrested along with 28 other women and charged with ‘obstructing the police in the execution of their duty.’

aamanlamba: “an Asquith here, a Herbert or a Napier there. 3 members of Parliament fought at Gallipoli, 4 future Field Marshals, Governor-Generals of New Zealand & Australia, a future PM of England, Eric Partridge the lexicographer, W. G. Grace’s son & the author of The Man-Eaters of Tsavo.”

johnsimkin: A team of suffragetts led by Jessie Kenney and including Vera Wentworth, Mary Phillips and Elsie Howey, decided to target the prime minister, Herbert Asquith. This included confronting him at church.

LucyLondon7: Like his brother, Herbert, Raymond Asquith was also a poet

ToiletGuru: Herbert Henry Asquith, born OTD in 1852, served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to English Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith, (September 12,1852), author of “The Genesis of the War” (1923).

ToiletGuru: Herbert Henry Asquith, born OTD in 1852, served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1908 to 1916

FXMC1957: 12 September 1852. Herbert H. Asquith was born in Morley, Yorkshire. He was the UK Prime Minister from 1908 to 1916, and the last one to lead a majority Liberal government. His government introduced old age pensions and reduced the power of the House of Lords.

OrganicPeoplePR: HERBERT HENRY ASQUITH 1st EARL of Oxford and Asquith, British Prime Minister. (September 12th, 1852- February 15th, 1928.)

johnsimkin: A team of suffragetts led by Jessie Kenney and including Vera Wentworth, Mary Phillips and Elsie Howey, decided to target the prime minister, Herbert Asquith. It was a time before police protection and they caused him a lot of problems.

36ulsterD: PM Asquith son Raymond Herbert who served with the Grenadier Guards was killed in Sept 1916 after been shot leading his men over the top, but lit a cigarette to ensure his men carried the charge forward

Redpeter99: Three Yorkshire Prime Ministers. Herbert Asquith, Harold Wilson and Liz Truss.

simgeo35: Herbert Asquith steps down having “delivered” World War I

TraineeVicarMan: Anybody historians of UK political history know a good biographer on Herbert Asquith cos I think I am going to have a little look at that and see whether there is any synergy here for these times.

Gandhi_Japandy: Interesting fact - In 1908 Herbert Asquith had to go by boat and train to Biarritz in France to be appointed Prime Minister as King Edward VII was on holiday there at the time.

TheCardiganKid: "For twenty years he has held a season-ticket on the line of least resistance and has gone wherever the train of events has carried him, lucidly justifying his position at whatever point he has happened to find himself." -Leo Amery on Herbert Asquith, 1914

TanArrowz: In 1908 King Edward VII was in Biarritz, France, on vacation as a new prime minister was named. Herbert Henry Asquith traveled by boat and train to the south of France to be formally appointed.

TheRealPeterWa1: All this fuss over the old and new PMs having to go to Balmoral to kiss hands etc. In 1908 Henry Campbell- Bannerman was too I'll añd had to be replaced as PM by Herbert Asquith. When the time for change came round, Edward VII was in Biarritz and had no intention of coming...

sleepydalmation: $vra Patience is key and is so much a better strategy than trading and switching to the trendy new coin. There’s an old fashioned saying in England - “be like Asquith”. It means “wait and see”. Herbert Henry Asquith was Prime Minister 1908 to 1916 and 1st Earl of Oxford.

Aerohaveno: This line sounds very Edward VII: “The only exception was in 1908, when Herbert Asquith travelled to meet Edward VII in the French city of Biarritz while the king was holidaying.” —- Queen to break tradition by appointing next prime minister at Balmoral

Aerohaveno: I searched for more about Asquith being sworn in as PM in Biarritz, and found this: | In praise of... Herbert Asquith

notaunitofmass: No need to make so much of the Queen appointing the new PM at Balmoral, an entirely reasonable accommodation to her advanced age. In 1908, Herbert Asquith travelled to France(!), where he was appointed PM by Edward VII, who was visiting Biarritz.

philipvmurphy: ‘After the sudden resignation of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman in 1908, his replacement Herbert Asquith was forced to travel to Biarritz where the Queen’s great-grandfather King Edward VII was on holiday at the time.’ Those were the days!

Alien_Orifice: Jack Dempsey v Herbert Asquith...

EssayEducation: Discuss herbert henry asquith

lvdorvm: Old Age Pensions Act: provided for a non-contributory old age pension. National Insurance Act: intended to create a national system of insurance for working people against illness and unemployment. ...and the British Working Class told him to f*** off!

DavidCranmerUn1: Herbert Earl Kitchener had been murdered by Jews. One of the wealthiest men of his day, Cassel was a good friend of King Edward VII (enough so that he was nicknamed "Windsor Cassel"), prime minister H. H. Asquith and Winston Churchill. Cassel was married at Westminster, in

dylanvg431: Wasn't expecting to find Herbert Henry Asquith, Eric Blair (George Orwell), and David Astor in this church's graveyard.

Frank_A_Quiller: As a matter of interest the following became PM without a General Election (since 1900) Arthur Balfour Henry Campbell Bannerman Herbert Asquith David Lloyd George Andrew Bonar Law Stanley Baldwin (1923) Neville Chamberlain Winston Churchill (1940) Anthony Eden Harold Macmillan

BadSocialism: My main takeaway from 37 days is that Tim Pigott-Smith (god rest his soul) was a really, really Herbert Asquith

johnsimkin: Millicent Fawcett wrote to Herbert Asquith "on behalf of the immense meetings which assembled in Hyde Park on Saturday and voted with practical unanimity in favour of a Government measure."

johnsimkin: On this day in 1913, Millicent Fawcett writes to Herbert Asquith about women's suffrage.

mamboward: On This Day in Scotland 28 July 1945: The death in London of Margot Asquith, Countess of Oxford & Asquith, who is remembered as a writer, socialite and wit, and wife of Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

RepRenaissance: What do you think of Herbert Henry Asquith, Prime Minister from 1908-1916?

JohnRentoul: Hard to categorise Asquith, called Herbert or Bertie by his family, but his 2nd wife called him Henry & everyone else called him HH

archnaverma: youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life. Herbert Henry Asquith

Richard_Carr: Herbert Asquith was really a historian looking for interesting quotes' dream. This is a couple of weeks in his life, on one issue.

funkyymonks: TIL that Helena Bonham Carter’s great grandad was Herbert Asquith

AaronBastani: Herbert Asquith is the original ‘I lost but won the argument’ guy. In the last 40 years, absolutely.

HWS_History: Robert Walpole; Lord North; William Pitt; Lord Melbourne; Lord Palmerston; Herbert Asquith; Neville Chamberlain; Margret Thatcher; Tony Blair. Just a selection of the better known British Prime Ministers who have been removed from office whilst the country was at war. Just saying

FXMC1957: 25 June 1912. Liberal Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith, was criticised during a House of Commons debate for endorsing the practice of force-feeding suffragettes in prisons who were on hunger strikes.

Chunkysaus: Herbert Harry Asquith 10 minutes after awaking from his cryo-sleep:

131Weeks: 22nd June 1922 An emotional Herbert Asquith tells House of Commons, that Henry Wilson is dead. Austen Chamberlain says; "I think that every Member of this House ... will feel with me that this is not only a national, but, for us in the House of 1516Commons, a personal tragedy"

CD_Strickland: Herbert Asquith (replaced by David Lloyd George during the First World War), Neville Chamberlain (replaced by Winston Churchill during the Second World War) and Margaret Thatcher (replaced by John Major during the Gulf War) all left office in… conflict

ProfJMitchell: Recall the late Tony King describing David Cameron as ‘emerging as Britain’s first dilettante prime minister since Herbert Asquith’ (‘It is time the dilettante PM got a grip’ Financial Times 9 April 2012). What would Professor King make of incumbent in No.10?

johnsimkin: During the 1910 General Election Margaret Haig (Lady Rhondda) attacked the car of Herbert Asquith. A supporter of the WSPU's arson campaign, she was sent to prison for trying to destroy a post-box with a chemical bomb. In 1920 she founded the political magazine Time and Tide.

johnsimkin: On this day in 1916 George Riddell writes in his diary about the planned overthrow of Herbert Asquith

NathanWurtzel: So it's kinda funny she's in this role. She's not royalty, but political royalty for sure. Her great-grandfather was The Right Honorable Herbert Henry Asquith, Liberal Prime Minister during World War 1.

BaltimoreParade: UK Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, who visited Dublin earlier that day, had ordered General Sir John Maxwell to halt further executions except under "special circumstances", as the executions (after courts martial) had inflamed public opinion.

noellythgoe: Glue too much? Maybe go back to the good old days of protesting - an axe thrown by suffragette Mary Leigh narrowly missed the head of the visiting Prime Minister Herbert Asquith. On the same weekend, campaigners for votes for women also tried to burn down Dublin's Theatre Royal.

OldhammerBot: The drunken Orcish gang leader Ugekin Stuntykiller leads his Orcish army under a banner bearing the hideous visage of Herbert Asquith.

johnsimkin: On this day in 1938 Herbert Asquith accuses cartoonist David Low of being a warmonger.

JohnDalton6011: Margaret Thatcher was ousted during the build-up to the Gulf war in 1990; Neville Chamberlain during the second world war in 1940; and Herbert Asquith was pushed aside during the first in 1916.

philiprichards5: THE first battle of the Somme ended 18 November 1916 . The Prime Minister Herbert Asquith . Resigned on 5 December 1916 .

pvlrogey: We are not at war, repeat we are not at war. You could mention that to Tory ministers using it as an excuse, you could also counter with Herbert Asquith & Neville Chamberlain who resigned during Two World Wars. Stop letting them get away with this piffle.

CharlesColbourn: A few names for the 'we can't change leader while there's a war on elsewhere in Europe' brigade: Neville Chamberlain Herbert Asquith Vidkun Quisling.

wmj_esq_UK: I want to add that this sort of ignorance is not confined to the Labour party. It is also arguable that Lloyd George was not an upgrade on Herbert Asquith - WMJJ

mogodonman: The deperate government/Daily Mail argument that we cannot change the PM because there's a war going on would have seen Neville Chamberlain and Herbert Asquith remain unchallened in 1939 and 1916. And not sure that would have worked out well in either case

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