The Salt Of The Earth Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The salt of the earth what a meaningful phraseA
From the lips of the Saviour and one that conveysA
A sense of the need of a substance salineB
This pestilent sphere to refresh and refineC
And a healthful and happy condition secureD
By making it pure as the ocean is pureD
In all the nomenclature known to the raceE
In all appellations of people or placeE
Was ever a name so befitting so trueF
Of those who are seeking the wrong to undoF
With naught of the Pharisee's arrogant airG
Their badge of discipleship humbly who wearG
Do beings forsooth fashioned out of the moldH
So secretly strangely those elements holdH
That may be developed in goodness and graceE
To shine in demeanor in form and in faceE
Till they by renewal of heavenly birthI
Shall merit their title the salt of the earthI
To the landsman at home or the sailor at seaJ
With nausea scurvy or canker maybeJ
'Tis never in language to overexaltH
The potent preservative virtue of saltH
A crystal commodity wholesome and goodH
A cure for disease and a savor for foodH
Ah the beasts of the wood and the fowls of the airG
Know all of the need of this condiment rareG
Know well where the springs and the salt licks aboundH
Where streams salinaceous flow out of the groundH
And their cravings appease by sipping the brineC
With more than the relish of topers at wineC
Our wants may be legion our needs are but fewF
And every known ill hath its remedy trueF
'Tis ours to discover and give to mankindH
Of hidden essentials the best that we findH
'Tis ours to eradicate error and sinK
And help to make better the place we are inK
If ever this world from corruption is freeJ
And righteousness reign in the kingdom to beJ
Like salt in its simple and soluble wayL
Infusing malodor preventing decayL
So human endeavor in action sublimeM
Must never relax till the finale of timeM
To thousands discouraged this comforting truthN
Appeals like the promise of infinite youthN
To know as they labor like bees in the hiveO
Yet do little more than keep goodness aliveO
To know that the Master accredits their worthI
As blessed disciples the salt of the earthI

Hattie Howard


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