The Little Clock Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Kind friend you do not know how muchA
I prize this time ly treasureB
So dainty diligent and suchA
A constant source of pleasureB
The man of brains who could inventC
So true a chrono meterB
Has set a charming precedentD
And made a good repeaterB
It speaks with clear commanding clicksE
Suggestive of the donorB
And 'tends to business never sickF
A bit more than the ownerB
It goes when I do when I stopG
As by the dial showingH
It never lets a second dropG
But simply keeps on goingH
It tells me when I am to eatI
Which isn't necessaryJ
When food with me is obsoleteI
I'll be a reliquaryJ
It tells me early when to riseK
And bother with dejeunerJ
To sally forth and exerciseK
And fill up my porte monnaieL
I hear it talking in the nightM
As if it were in cloverJ
You've never lost your appetiteM
You've never been run overJ
It makes me wish that I might liveN
More faithful unto dutyJ
And unto others something giveO
Like this bijou of beautyJ
It holds its hands before its faceP
So very modest is itQ
So like the people in the placeP
Where I delight to visitR
Sometimes I wonder if it criesK
The course I am pursuingH
Because it has so many I sS
And must know what I'm doingH
Sometimes I fear it makes me cryJ
No matter and no pityJ
Afraid at last I'll have to dieJ
In some far foreign cityJ
It travels with me everywhereJ
And chirrups like a cricketR
As if it said with anxious airJ
Don't lose your tick tick ticketR
Companion of my lonelinessT
Along my journey westwardU
It never leaves me comfortlessT
But has the last and best wordU
I would not spoil its lovely faceT
And so I go behind itQ
And hold it like a china vaseT
So careful when I wind itQ
A clock is always excellentD
That has its label onL
And proves a fine advertisementD
For Waterbury ConnL
Those Yankees ah they never shunL
A chance to make a dimeV
And counterfeit the very sunL
In keeping Standard TimeV
Ah well the little clock has provedW
The best of all bonanzasT
And thus my happy heart is movedW
To these effusive stanzasT

Hattie Howard


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