Be Not Anxious Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Be careful for nothing Phil iv Revised version BeA
not anxiousB
Of all the precepts in the BookC
By word of inspiration givenD
That bear the import tone and lookC
Of messages direct from heavenD
From Revelation back to GenesisB
Is nothing needed half so much as thisE
Ah well the great apostle spakeF
In admonition wise and kindG
Who bade humanity forsakeF
The petty weaknesses that bindG
The spirit like a bird with pinioned wingsH
That to a broken bough despairing clingsH
Were all undue anxietyA
Eliminated from desireI
Could feverish fears and fancies beA
Consumed on some funeral pyreI
Like holy hecatomb or sacrificeJ
'Twould be accepted up in ParadiseJ
Could this machinery go onK
Without the friction caused by fretL
What greater loads were lightly drawnM
More easily were trials metL
Then might existence be with blessings rifeN
And lengthened out like Hezekiah's lifeN
Oh be not anxious trouble growsO
When cherished like a secret griefP
It is the worm within the roseO
That eats the heart out leaf by leafP
And though the outer covering be fairQ
The weevil of decay is busy thereQ
In deep despondency to pineR
Or vain solicitudeS
Is to deny this truth divineR
That God is great and goodT
That he is Ruler over earth and HeavenD
And so disposes and makes all things evenU

Hattie Howard


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