H. D. I Love You Poems

  • 1.

    I say, I am quite done,
    quite done with this;
  • 2.
    Helen herself seems almost ready for this sacrifice
    -at least, for the immolation of
    herself before this greatest love of Achilles,

  • 3.
    All Greece hates
    the still eyes in the white face,
    the lustre of the olives
    where she stands,
  • 4.
    . . . even in the house of Hades.


  • 5.
    Can we believe-by an effort
    comfort our hearts:
    it is not waste all this,
    not placed here in disgust,
  • 6.
    O Hymen king.

    Hymen, O Hymen king,
    what bitter thing is this?
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