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  • Orchard
    I saw the first pear
    As it fell-
    The honey-seeking, golden-banded,
    The yellow swarm...
  • Wash Of Cold River
    Wash of cold river
    in a glacial land,
    Ionian water,
    chill, snow-ribbed sand,...
  • The Pool
    Are you alive?
    I touch you.
    You quiver like a sea-fish.
    I cover you with my net....
  • Stars Wheel In Purple
    Stars wheel in purple, yours is not so rare
    as Hesperus, nor yet so great a star
    as bright Aldeboran or Sirius,
    nor yet the stained and brilliant one of War;...
  • Song
    You are as gold
    as the half-ripe grain
    that merges to gold again,
    as white as the white rain...
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Light 9 Wind 9 Great 9 Flower 7 Beauty 7 Bright 7 White 6 Face 6 Purple 6 I Love You 6

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The glowing censers, and their rich perfume;
The splendid vestments, and the sounding choir;
The gentle sigh of soul-subduing piety;
The alms which open-hearted charity
Bestows, with kindly glance; and those
Which e'en stern avarice.
Though with unwilling hand,
Seems forced to tender; an offering sweet

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