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16th/17th-century English poet and playwright Drayton in 1599 Michael Drayton (1563 – 23 December 1631) was an English poet who came to prominence in the Elizabethan era.

Early life Drayton was born at Hartshill, near Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Almost nothing is known about his early life, beyond the fact that in 1580 he was in the service of Thomas Goodere of Collingham, Not...
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Michael Drayton Poems

  • Sonnets: Idea Xxii To Folly
    With fools and children good discretion bears;
    Then, honest people, bear with love and me,
    Nor older yet nor wiser made by years,
    Amongst the rest of fools and children be. ...
  • Sonnets: Idea Xliii
    Why should your fair eyes with such sov'reign grace
    Disperse their rays on every vulgar spirit,
    Whilst I in darkness in the self-same place,
    Get not one glance to recompense my merit? ...
  • Amour 10
    Oft taking pen in hand, with words to cast my woes,
    Beginning to account the sum of all my cares,
    I well perceiue my griefe innumerable growes,
    And still in reckonings rise more millions of dispayres. ...
  • From T. Morley's First Book Of Ballets (1595). - Mr. M.d. To The Author
    Such was old Orpheus cunning,
    That sencelesse things drew neere him,
    And heards of beasts to heare him,
    The stock, the stone, the Oxe, the Asse came running, ...
  • Sonnet 43
    Why should your faire eyes with such soueraine grace,
    Dispearse their raies on euery vulgar spirit,
    Whilst I in darknes in the selfesame place,
    Get not one glance to recompence my merit: ...
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Sonnet 72 Love 63 I Love You 63 Long 58 Sweet 53 Good 51 True 42 Earth 40 Heart 38 Time 38

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Comments about Michael Drayton

  • Orpheus_laments: sonnet xl: my heart the anvil by michael drayton
  • Aliterarybot: o days, no days but little worlds of mirth, o years, no years, time sliding with a trice, o world, no world, a very heaven on earth, o earth, no earth, a very paradise. —michael drayton, the legends of piers gaveston
  • Andrewneill10: “antiburnout”, this book is a must have ! i would encourage all senior business leaders and hr managers to read this book now. dr michael drayton will help you identify burnout and what to look out for before burnout disrupts your organisation.
  • Dredhenderson: 1622 map of cumberlande and westmorlande, by michael drayton. rivers, lakes and even some wells (springs) feature prominently. from
  • Aliterarybot: o days, no days, but little worlds of mirth, o years, no years, but time slicing with a trice, o world, no world, a very heaven on earth, o earth, no earth, a very paradise —michael drayton, the legend of piers gaveston
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