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H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book The Parables of Ancient: Earth the First Scroll Authors: H. D. Anyone
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published Date: 2013-06
Categories: Fiction
Centuries ago, a young imprisoned scribe accepted a quest to alter the final millennium. Amidst a land of giant reptiles an unconventional creature appeared to teach the scribe to overcome. These scrolls reveal that paradigm for conquering.

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book Vegetables in the Tropics Authors: H. D. Tindall
Publisher: Macmillan international college edition
Published Date: 1986
Categories: Tropical crops
There is increasing awareness of the value of vegetables in maintaining health, particularly in areas where animal protein is scarce and where populations are growing rapidly. This handbook gives a comprehensive account of the current principles and practices used in vegetable growing in the tropics so that students, vegetable growers, extension officers, research workers and administrators in tropical regions can apppreciate the potential for increasing the reproduction of vegetable crops.

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book Selected and New Poems Authors: H. D. Wagener
Publisher: iUniverse
Published Date: 2012-06-27
Categories: Poetry
The poetry of H. D. Wagener has been written from several perspectives, including the skeptical Western scientist. an expatriate from the old South, an emigrant to Maine, and a long-term student of a Hindu age. Now, he presents this new compilation, sharing his best work from previous collections, plus his inspiring new poems. Including poems from The Entire Packet and Gleanings and Giftings, Selected and New Poems follows Wageners evolution as he travels the eastern seaboard and experiences eye-opening life changes. Using primarily free verse, Wagener provides his wisdom on man and mans relation to physical and spiritual reality. The collection is eclectic, and follows a broad range of themes and subjects, from academic or metaphysical to the fate of Jews in Nazi Germany. In the midst of this, he travels to his own memory of a 1954 Chevy and a lost love. Intended to entertain and enliven, Wageners poems paint life in bright colors.

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book Trilogy Authors: Hilda Doolittle, H. D.
Published Date: 1973
Categories: English poetry
As civilian war poetry (written under the shattering impact of World War II), Trilogy's three long poems rank with T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets and Ezra Pound's Pisan Cantos. The first book of the Trilogy, published in the midst of the "fifty thousand incidents" of the London blitz, maintains the hope that though "we have no map;/ possibly we will reach haven,/heaven." Tribute to the Angels describes new life springing from the ruins, and finally, in The Flowering of the Rod - with its epigram, "... pause to give/ thanks that we rise again from death and live" - faith in love and resurrection is realized in lyric and strongly Biblical imagery."

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book The Ondonga Royal Kings Authors: H. D. Namuhuja
Published Date: 2002
Categories: Biographies
Abbreviated history of the kings of Ondonga.

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Stories Authors: H.D Graham
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Published Date: 2014-02-01
Categories: History
This book is a collection of fascinating short stories, photos, and documents furnished by the heroic and courageous men that served as air or ground crew members in Vietnam. the chopper units were located throughout Vietnam. During the course of the war, we lost at least 5,139 helicopter air crew members and at least 588 ground support crew members. In fact, the true number of helicopter air and ground crew members killed or missing in action will probably never be known. Those crew members accounted for a large percentage of all the enemy killed during the war. Those courageous men were American heroes then and will always be American heroes.

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book SBI PO Authors: H D Books Team
Published Date:
Categories: Art
This book from High Definition Books having following attractive features of Banking Examinations: Fresh Set of Practice Papers with solve ready answers to help the students to assess their levels of preparations. The papers have been designed impeccably to include all the sections as per the syllabus. Questions of each set, in every section have been developed by experienced tutors undertaking faculty roles at responsible positions. Each question set has matching level of difficulty to give a real-time feel of examination. We hope that our efforts succeed, the motive behind the creation of this book, and it may prove a boon for aspirants appearing for Banking Examinations.

H. D. Books, H. D. poetry book Hermetic Definition Authors: Hilda Doolittle
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
Published Date: 1972
Categories: Poetry
HD, Hermetic Definition. Late poems from H.D. embracing the passion of an elderly life

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