If life knows you call him a terror
He will so.... terrify you.....

He will subjugate you
And call you a coward

He turns you a slave
and make you fall in love with military.

when you never chose force.

He make crime the only option
and paint you a gangster.

then calls you a terrorist

When he knows you're greedy
he will lend you silver n gold.

steal them back from you,
and chain the wings of your faith.

Imprisons your believe
and force a woeful end on you.

He's no comedy
but always tragedy.

When greatness makes you frightened
you're destituted and always threatened

You become enemy of progress
and envy every man's success.

You hate the irony of time
and become enemy to the mystery in your lifeline.

When pride have you as friend
he gives you pleasure and arrogance

he never allows you to listen.
he handicap your ability to identify
the truth.

When impatient finds comfort in you
he offered you bronze

To deny you of the gold
ahead and blessings unfold.

Our mind view
Shouldn't be guided by error.