Sonnet. About Jesus. Ix Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


So if Thou hadst been scorned in human eyesA
Too bright and near to be a glory thenB
If as Truth's artist Thou hadst been to menB
A setter forth of strange divinitiesC
To after times Thou born in midday skiesA
A sun high up out blazing sudden whenB
Its light had had its centuries eight and tenB
To travel through the wretched void that liesA
'Twixt souls and truth hadst been a Love and FearD
Worshipped on high from Magian's mountain crestE
And all night long symbol'd by lamp flames clearD
Thy sign a star upon thy people's breastE
Where now a strange mysterious shape doth lieF
That once barred out the sun in noontide skyF

George Macdonald


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