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Pendidikan4Id: “As you grow ready for it, somewhere or other you will find what is needful for you in a book.” ― George MacDonald, The Marquis of Lossie

maryfordneal: (Image is of the painting: 'Flora Macdonald's Farewell to Bonnie Prince Charlie' by George William Joy)

londondeletes: DT George Galloway: RT Bryan MacDonald: Five members of the same family were killed in shelling by Armenian forces the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan claimed…

londondeletes: DT George Galloway: RT Bryan MacDonald: Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin told Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan that all efforts should be undertaken to stop the further…

Highlander4h: To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. George MacDonald

TimBryars: Pleasing assortment of signed books in the shop window today: George MacDonald Fraser, Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, Evelyn Waugh, Terry Pratchett and Paula Hawkins. Quite a mix!

RainaNightinga1: I've been re-reading Phantastes by George MacDonald lately, and I love it so much!! "That which appears to be evil is the only possible form in which the only and best good can, given ourselves and our circumstances, can appear to us." Quoted not-quite-word-for-word from memory.

maitraining: We recently talked with professor, writer, editor, and translator Olga Lukmanova about her work in writing the first Russian-language biography of George MacDonald. She also shares what God is up to in Russia and invites fellow believers to prayer.

josephjohn000: Danish party in Germany's parliament is a reminder of one of Europe's most vexing diplomatic tangles of the 19th century, the Schleswig-Holstein question, which was fictionally put to good use by George MacDonald Fraser in Royal Flash (3/3)

180800store: In giving, a man receives more than he gives; and the more is in proportion to the worth of the thing given. ~ George Macdonald

reteach92: "Afflictions are but the shadows of God’s wings." - George Macdonald

vishtwts: George Macdonald

allenshull: People who think Lewis Carroll wrote the greatest 19th century children’s fiction haven’t read George Macdonald.

KngdmDiscipline: “A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being a beast, the less he knows it.” - George MacDonald

MultiverseTom: New Episode! "I Won't Be Remade...Yet." Tonight! Star Trek gets a new card game, George Lucas gets a documentary and we remember inventor Ruben Klamer and actor Norm Macdonald. All that and more on… Player links & show notes:

JurgenSchulz: To be right with God is to be right with the universe: one with the power, the love, the will of the mighty Father, the cherisher of joy, the Lord of laughter, whose are all glories, all hopes, who loves everything and hates nothing but selfishness. –George MacDonald

dotcom_nufc: All the fuss about male dancing in Strictly. People have obviously never read George MacDonald Fraser.

LovnQuotes: We die daily. Happy those who daily come to life as well. Author: George Macdonald Life Quote of the Day was first posted on September 26, 2021 at 11:10 am. ©2020 "Life Quotes ". Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only. If you are not reading this article …

SusanSchorn: "There are few things more dangerous than presenting a primitive mind with an insoluble problem." --George MacDonald Fraser

CampNewaygo9yrs: Trust is everything.

RickLindquist: To be trusted is a greater compliment than being love. —George MacDonald And the loss of trust is the beginning of the end.

konaink: 2 of 5 stars to Flashman by George MacDonald Fraser

BlissSpillar: That person is perfect in faith who can come to God in the utter dearth of their feelings and desires, without a glow or an aspiration, with the weight of low thoughts, failures, neglects, and wandering forgetfulness, and say to Him, “Thou art my refuge.” George MacDonald

mnwickens: “In whatever man does without God he must fail miserably or succeed more miserably.” George MacDonald

mair__wright: George MacDonald on Sunday There is no harm in being afraid. The only harm is in doing what Fear tells you. Fear is not your master! Laugh in his face and he will run away.

TrainingMindful: “Man’s rank is his power to uplift.” ~ George MacDonald

_w_e_s_: George MacDonald, writer of fairytales: "I write, not for children, but for the child-like, whether they be of five, or fifty, or seventy-five.

twohourquotes: “Her heart - like every heart, if only its fallen sides were cleared away - was an inexhaustible fountain of love: she loved everything she saw. ” George MacDonald, The Day Boy and the Night Girl

iwakkoi_center: To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. ~ George MacDonald

MArgghh: "What Christ said, and to whom He said it, was the great thing in the story, and either Christ was what He said He was, or He told some terrible lies." -George MacDonald

sjgraced: "Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life.” – George MacDonald

RobSchneider: “As long as the red dice are in the air, the gambler has hope. And hope is a wonderful thing to be addicted to.” - Norm Macdonald

DavidSetFree: "Communion with God is the one need of the soul beyond all other need: prayer is the beginning of that communion, and some need is the motive of that prayer" -George MacDonald (ed. by C.S Lewis) (3/3)

ReedBeatse: “Sometimes, in the course of life, we are not the rough rod, receiving new form in the heart of the forge, nor the ever faithful hammer, pounding and forging another. Sometimes we are merely the anvil.” -George MacDonald

ElliottBlackwe3: CS Lewis said reading George MacDonald's Phantastes "baptized" his imagination. What book did that for you? A BAPTIZED IMAGINATION

josephus77: “To be fit to receive his word implies being of his kind. No matter how his image may have been defaced in me: the thing defaced is his image, remains his defaced image—an image yet that can hear his word.” ― George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons

BlissSpillar: “…this is how fear serves us, it always sides with the thing we are afraid of…” - George MacDonald (The Princess and the Goblin)

randyalcorn: “…when we shall have all the universe for our own, and be good merry helpful children in the great house of our father…all will have grand liberty wherewith Christ makes free—opening his hand to send us out like white doves to range the universe.” —George MacDonald

SJWScot: It’s tough having to quote a Tory, but ‘Truth is truth, whether from the lips of Jesus or Balaam.’ George MacDonald

ughzaddy: adam brian thomas hann george bedford daniel matthew timothy healy ross stewart macdonald

EOrthodoxy: "Be of good courage; there is a live heart at the centre of the lovely order of the Universe—a heart to which all the rest is but a clothing form, —a heart that bears every truthful thought, every help-needing cry of each of its children, and must deliver them." ~George MacDonald

mgfchurch: “All growth that is not toward God is growing to decay.” – George MacDonald

ClareMingins: However, a great secret of life rests in the attitude: I can make everything that happens to me good for me.  Eg: "Positively or negatively…everybody was good to him…" "Sir Gibbie" - George MacDonald

loftentinctm: Just a lil RIP list. RIP Norm MacDonald RIP Lil Peep RIP George Carlin RIP XXXTENTACION RIP The Notorious B.I.G. RIP Everyone Else’s Idols that died.

ericrennerbrown: Had Norm MacDonald Weekend Update highlights on last night. Lost it at a joke about a Beatles auction with 'one-of-a-kind items' like 'Paul McCartney's birth certificate, a white Mercedes-Benz owned by John Lennon and rarest of all, a photo of George Harrison not looking haggard'

mair__wright: This boy was named for a character in a George MacDonald book, and his second name is for his grandfather, who in turn was named to honor a friend's husband who died providing humanitarian aid in the Spanish Civil War, we like to give our kids a lot to live up to.

KngdmDiscipline: "I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of. For to have been thought about — born in God’s thoughts — and then made by God, is the dearest, grandest, most precious thing in all thinking." --George MacDonald

qc: “To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” — George MacDonald

BarnabasPiper: “I would rather be what God chose to make me than the most glorious creature that I could think of; for to have been thought about, born in God's thought, and then made by God, is the dearest, grandest and most precious thing in all thinking.” ― George MacDonald

josephus77: “Like all great souls, you can give much because you can can suffer much,and you so ardently love Truth…if only you knew how much I already depend on you!” - George MacDonald, Far Above Rubies

josephus77: Whose work is it but your own to open your eyes? But indeed the business of the universe is to make such a fool out of you that you will know yourself for one, and begin to be wise. - George MacDonald

surreyps: Our September e-newsletter has arrived! In this issue, you can read about our recent swearing in ceremony, community consultation, and how SPS recently honoured the memory of Surrey’s first fallen officer, Cst George McDonald. Read SPS Updates here:

aaliyahijab: In giving, a man receives more than he gives; and the more is in proportion to the worth of the thing given. ~ George Macdonald

HermanAldridge: The darkness knows neither the light nor itself; only the light knows itself and the darkness also. None but God hates evil and understands it.~George MacDonald

StyleSarapan: "Man's rank is his power to uplift" - George MacDonald

TeddyPeppersIII: A few of my fav stand-up comedians, at random: Greg Giraldo Tom Green Rodney Dangerfield Norm Macdonald George Carlin Richard Pryor Sam Kinison Patton Oswalt Steve Martin Dave Chapelle Robin Williams Bill Hicks Eddie Murphy Chris Rock Yours?

RRChakranarayan: he slid into outright atheism. However, encounters with Christian friends and reading the works of George MacDonald and G. K. Chesterton drew him back to theism (the belief in God). He wrote of that return to God, “You must picture me alone in that room at Magdalen,

nabaxterherold: The principal part of faith is patience. -George MacDonald

KimeeBe: “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” ~ George MacDonald

jonathanrbailey: Because love is the kind of power that makes immortal what was mortal. As George MacDonald said, “There is nothing eternal, but that which loves and can be loved.”

ChadSchimke: Phantastes by George MacDonald (1858)

SubmergingA: Between Norm MacDonald, Fred Willard, and George Segal, teevee sitcoms have lost a lot of wacky relatives over the last year and a half. And, yes, brilliant performers. R.I.P. Norm, a.k.a. Pigeon of “Mike Tyson Mysteries”

V_H_B_: - George Macdonald

Emily30Red: Periodic reminder that The Light Princess by George MacDonald is an absolutely fabulous book you should read to your children and for yourself.

anilpatelhwc: Links to the full episode: Website link:

eamediaocrity4: I guess just the 10 people who have made me laugh the most and best in no particular order Robin Williams Norm Macdonald Craig Ferguson George Carlin Joan Rivers Bill Cosby Eddie Murphy Gallagher Jerry Seinfeld Rodney Dangerfield

BenReilly149: There's a George MacDonald quote I love: "[God] will shake heaven and earth, that only the unshakeable may remain." (5/7)

Never_Again2020: George Galloway acolyte Joti Brar, Tosh Macdonald and Chris Williamson; the bin juice of the antisemitic, crank left. Apart from crazed 'Israel' obsessives and communist wannabes, does anyone take these clowns seriously?

GCTutorials: “But we who would be born again indeed Must wake our souls unnumbered times a day…” —George MacDonald, Diary of an Old Soul

reteach92: "A perfect faith would lift us absolutely above fear." - George Macdonald

redactamundo: it shouldn’t be surprising that norm macdonald supported george bush considering how much he loved 9/11

ClimateAudit: Biden's self-absorbed segue from death of young military to himself would have made good Norm MacDonald narrative, finding absurdity in vanity. Biden segue remind me in a way of George Burns' famous joke about losing his trunk (covered by Norm).

StoopToRise: “In every man there is a loneliness, an inner chamber of peculiar life into which God only can enter.” — George MacDonald

mflibra: 1926 Rare Book - THE LIGHT PRINCESS by George Macdonald, First illustrated edition by Dorothy P. Lathrop.

mflibra: 1926 Rare Book - THE LIGHT PRINCESS by George Macdonald, First illustrated edition by Dorothy P. Lathrop.

Truthtalk777: "We walked side by side, the moon and I, she the dull shine and I the live shadow. "--George Macdonald

Truthtalk777: If anyone can see my tweets. I recommend a book to you called 'Unspoken Sermons' by George Macdonald. Truly changed my view of GOD. He (God) is our Father!! He tells us right from wrong and punishes us when we do wrong,but stands ready to wrap us in His arms when we cry to Him.

Truthtalk777: But for life there could be no death. If God were not, there would not even be nothing. Not even nothingness preceded life. Nothingness owes it's very idea to existence. -- George Macdonald

BarnabasPiper: “Doing the will of God leaves me no time for disputing about His plans.” ― George MacDonald

StoopToRise: “In every man there is a loneliness, an inner chamber of peculiar life into which God only can enter.” — George MacDonald

StoopToRise: “Christ is the way to the home we desire but do not know.” — George MacDonald

cdpgolf1: With a week to go until the Mid Ams, Lukas has moved up to New York State and is visiting more of Mike's courses. Yesterday, he and his faithful drone dropped in at Sunningdale CC. Designed by Seth Raynor & CB Macdonald. Restored by Mike DeVries.

Science_George: Norm Macdonald discussing the tone of his funeral with David Letterman:

StanRockPatton: "Many good souls will one day be horrified at the things they now believe of God." - George MacDonald

herr_wert: Thomas Talbott: The Inescapable Love of God George MacDonald: Unspoken Sermons Julian of Norwich: Revelations of Divine Love Richard Rohr: The Universal Christ

farratia: In Memoriam Emmy: Larry King, Christopher Plummer, Dawn Wells, George Segal, Ned Beatty, Alex Trebek, Hal Holbrook, Dustin Diamond, Helen McCrory, Conchata Ferrell, Olympia Dukakis, Clarence Williams III, Michael K. Williams, Norm Macdonald

LeannaOrganics: "To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved." - George MacDonald

tttJackPinettt: Favorite Comedians (no particular order): Andy Kaufman Ricky Gervais Norm Macdonald Dave Chapelle Sarah Silverman Louis CK George Carlin Bill Hicks Tim Heidecker Eric Andre Mentions: Rivers, Wright, T. Green, Dangerfield, Rickles, Bamford, Bruce, Cohen, L.David, Coogan You?

iwakkoi_center: To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. ~ George MacDonald

darla_baltazar: “Obedience is the opener of eyes.” -George MacDonald

mair__wright: George MacDonald on Sunday (and the day after the 116th anniversary of his death) I do care to live - tremendously - but I don't mind where. He who made this room so well worth living in, may surely be trusted with the next!

sepotonic: "To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved"- George MacDonald

Danbrad77778390: A restless young man is drawn by a mysterious figure through a doorway that leads into another world. There he finds a dreamscape in which magical things can happen. A classic tale that deserves more attention. Here's "Lilith" by George Macdonald. (1895)

ethan_iverson: NEW DTM: notes on the late George Mraz, Juini Booth, Rick Laird, Peter Ind, George Wein, Phil Schaap, Thurston Briscoe, Ruth Cameron, Sam Reed, Charlie Watts, David Lee, Jerry Granelli, Louis Andriessen, and Norm MacDonald

mgfchurch: “Afflictions are but the shadows of God’s wings.” – George Macdonald

KremdiLaKrem: Norm Macdonald's one character flaw was that he loved George W Bush. But it's kind of okay because it was driven largely by his correct hatred of William Jefferson Clinton

chickpeashominy: Reading George Macdonald upended everything I thought I believed, and I haven't been able to see the world the same way since. Thank goodness.

RRChakranarayan: September 18, 1905: Death of Scottish clergyman George MacDonald who wrote novels to support himself. MacDonald’s writings will capture C. S. Lewis’s imagination, convincing him that true Christianity is not uninteresting.

GaOhWeht: For those that don’t know, one of Norm MacDonald’s influences was comedian George Miller. MacDonald decided to pay tribute to his inspiration with copying a move from Miller: dying at 61 from cancer

CreatureLives: 2021 is shaping up to be worse than 2020 Norm Macdonald Daffney New Jack Screech Joey Jordison Dusty Hill Larry King Michael K. Williams Jessica Walter George Segal Cloris Leachman DMX Biz Markie Alexi Laiho (Technically 2020 but announced in January 2021) All passed away.

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