A faun-cry romps through sparks,

In the parks cascades of light foam,

Metallic vapors around steel arcades

Of the city which rolls around the sun.

A god races shimmering in a harness of tigers

Past women and bright bazaars,

Filled with flowing gold and wares.

And slave people howl now and then.

In the canal a drunken ship rotates

Sluggishly in green solar sheaves.

A cheerful concert of colors

Quietly rises before the hospital.

A Quirinal exhibits sinister splendor.

In mirrors colorful crowds circulate

On bridge arches and tracks.

Before benches a demon wakes palely.

A dreamer sees pregnant women

Glide past in slimy brilliance,

A dying man hears bells ringing -

A golden stash glows quietly in the horror.